Friday, June 19, 2020

Nightwing Annual #3 Review


Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Inaki Miranda, Nick Filardi, and Andworld Designs
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: June 17, 2020

What do you do with a Nightwing Annual when your main character doesn't even know who the hell he is?  Go back to when he did, that's what!  It's a peek at what this series could have been if Dan Jurgens was able to write Nightwing as Nightwing.  Unfortunately, that may not be a good alternative, either! 

The issue opens with the scene from Year of the Villain with Ric as the Gray Son Talon attacking Condor Red.  It's a reminder that will play out by the end of the issue.  We then go back further in time, to before Dick was Ric and find out this wasn't their first encounter.  This multiple flashback setup is jarring and not well explained for newer readers.  Heck, I was a bit confused at first and I've read every issue of this whole run.  Man, I should get some sort of extra pay for that!

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We do get proper Nightwing, though, and while it's only for this Annual, I should be happy.  The problem is, I'm not fond of Jurgen's Nightwing.  The dialogue feels a little off, but not just with Dick.  The Blood Knights he goes up against are not great villains, and when Blockbuster shows up, he doesn't feel important.  Maybe it's because I know we have to go back to Ric after this Annual is over, but I didn't care about what was happening.

The story continues with Nightwing poisoned, but saved by Condor Red.  Back at the Condor home base in Montana, Dick gets hit on and recruited hard and heavy, but declines both invitations.  He does get to wear one of their power suits, but I think they may be getting a cease a desist from Batwing any day now.  

There is a cool action scene with Nightwing and Condor Red teaming up, which leads to a wraparound ending showing that Ms. Hale, head of the Condor program, knows the Talon was indeed Dick Grayson.  However, since she can tell he is being controlled, they aren't going to do shit about it.  

Bits and Pieces:

If you are of the mind that Annuals are a waste of time and money, I don't think this issue will change your point of view.  Maybe this will become more important later, after Ric goes back to Dick, but I hope not.  When Nightwing fans cry to get Nightwing back, this isn't what they are talking about.



  1. I completely agree. I'm not interested in Condor Blue/Nightwing. I just want Dick/Nightwing back and this didn't feel like him. The first time we see Nightwing in his own book in over a year and he gets beaten by goons, sexually harassed, and wears a mech suit. He also repeats that he works alone... but the last time we'd seen Nightwing he'd been involved in various team ups and teams (literally in a multi-issue team up with Babs in the arc the bullet interrupted and on a team up with Bats when he was shot).

    I was excited to see Nightwing, and his jokes about pronunciation were fun, but the Condor leader/sexual harasser and the hint of yet another recruitment/manipulation story arc just left a horrible taste in my mouth.

  2. we are 100% on the same page! tough being a Nightwing fan!!!