Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Justice League #48 Review

All Hail The Justice League

Written By: Si Spurrier 
Art By: Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan, David Baron, Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 7, 2020

It's time for Si Spurrier to through his Justice League stories into the ring as we wait for this book to finally catch up to what's going on in Dark Nights: Death Metal.  It's an odd situation though because of this weird limbo that we're in with this book where it's possible that we can get entertaining stories out of this run, but they're immediately downplayed a bit in my mind just because I know that they won't matter.  Maybe though, if you don't worry about the continuity or where these stories fit into the timeline, maybe you can grab ahold of these and see something bigger and I'm hoping that's the case as we dive into this issue to see what Si Spurrier brings to the party.  Let's check it out.

For this Justice League story, we find our team answering a distress call in space, but they're not sure why this ship that's four sectors away would be pointing a beacon towards the home planet of the Justice League.  Our team won't have a lot of time to think about this aspect to our story though because, beyond the problems that this ship is facing, our heroes find themselves in a situation that they're not too comfortable with.

Once the real story gets started we discover a world in the middle of a civil war of ideas, where the Empress Siddinix pits the two factions against each other, while still keeping total control over the rogue comet planet that they inhabit.  Obviously, with all the death and destruction and just straight-up terrible ideas that this Empress is all about doesn't sit right with the Justice League, which forces them to intervene......... and that's where the real story begins here, with the idea of does the Justice League have the right to use their beliefs and ideas to change a world that they don't know or understand.  Obviously, this is not a new concept, but there is something interesting to this, not to mention that after things start to calm down in this issue in my mind, the story takes a left turn back into craziness that adds another dimension to this story and I ended up wanting to see what Si Spurrier was going to give us here on out.

All in all, the art in this issue is enjoyable.  The only problem I really have with it is the colors come off a bit blotchy and just not vibrant throughout the issue.  Beyond that though, there's nothing really wrong with any of the depictions here and even show off some interesting concepts for characters like Wonder Woman flying through space.  As for the story, that too is enjoyable, even if it does come off a little cliche for this issue, but I'm hoping that with the turn that this story took by the end of the issue that this concept can move into new territory with what comes next so with that thought in mind, I look forward to seeing where Si Spurrier will take this story.  So yeah...... this is something new right now and I'm all for that and I hope that it continues to be entertaining as it goes along.

Bits and Pieces:

Even though these current Justice League stories are happening in a space that makes them so that they don't feel as big as they should or even at times...... that they matter at all.  With this new creative team coming on that at least makes this feel more exciting right out of the gate and for what Si Spurrier gave us here, I'm interested to see what he'll bring to the party for the rest of this story because it at least felt different than what we've been previously getting out of this title.


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