Monday, September 28, 2020

Dark Nights: Death Metal: Multiverse's End #1 Review


Crisis Hotline

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Juan Gedeon, Mike Spicer, and Rus Wooton
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date: September 29, 2020

These Death Metal tie-in one-shots have run hot and cold for me.  Some, like Trinity Crisis,  felt important to the overall story.  So important that Eric Shea (America's Sweetheart) said it should have been a numbered issue.  Others, sadly, have felt more like cash grabs than anything else.  So, where does this issue lie on that scale?  Let's find out...
James Tynion starts the issue by throwing the reader into the story without any handholding.  The problem is, it all felt like the continuation of another story we were supposed to have read.  Owlman is interrogating John Stewart on Earth-3 while many cool characters from the multiverse fight the Crime Syndicate and worse.  Once things get going, it gets easier to piece together what is going on and what lead us here, but that's when a more significant problem rears its ugly head.  This issue is not that fun or interesting!

Tynion has so many toys to play with here, yet is content to have most of his characters stand around and talk.  The significant parts happen with Owlman and John Stewart, and they amount to a DC Universe Crisis and Death Metal (and Metal) clip show.  Owlman may join the Justice Incarnate's fight against Perpetua, but first, he needs to see (insert recap here).  I guess it will catch people up to the big concepts of Death Metal, but the timing feels off.

I do like the idea that Owlman is pissed because he is the OG darker version of Batman, and the Batman Who Laughs and his 10,348 (estimated) Dark Knights are fucking up his brand, but that only goes so far.  Everything feels disjointed, and many scenes feel forced to get to "funny" punchlines and references.  One-Punch, Refrigerator...  We do get a continuation of the evil Baby Batman from the Legends of the Dark Knights one-shot, but it's turned into the silver age Bat-Baby, which I love, but is a bit too silly here.

It sucks because some of my all-time favorite characters and Earths are in this book, yet it all feels like a wasted opportunity.  Owlman figures out his ultimate revenge, which is another cool twist, and the Justice Incarnate gets the hell out of Dodge to head off to another one-shot issue.  

Bits and Pieces:

This Death Metal tie-in is an odd one.  It begins a side-story with a lot of recap, some okay art, and lots of talking.  I didn't find it as engaging as I'd hoped, but those looking for a refresher course on what lead to Death Metal may feel differently. 



  1. 5.5 no way the art is pretty solid it builds out the story and tells us which crisis are cannon and gave me the feels with what happened to captain carrot and with owlman being pissed off about sll the evil batmen id give it a 7 maybe a 6.5 at the lowest bug thats just me :D

    1. remember, the catch phrase for this whole event is "everything matters". All the crisis matter and the big ones were already spelled out in Trinity Crisis tie-in. And what happened to Captain Carrot happened to 90% of the heroes in the multiverse so I didn't get much feels except it was neat to see him. I personally didn't like the art much at all. I did like the owlman stuff but overall it was a "tell me what happened" clip show

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