Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Strange Adventures #5 Review

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerads, Evan Shaner
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: September 2, 2020

Here we are again with another issue of Strange Adventures, and as with most Tom King books, four issues in and I am a bit confused about what the story is all about.  Mister Terrific is investigating whether or not Adam Strange was involved in war crimes on Raan, but what about the guy who was murdered in issue #1?  Adam gave his gun to Batman to look into that, but that plotline seemed to disappear.  Also, why did Adam ask to be investigated and know seems pissed off about it.  There are more questions, but let's get into this month's issue...

As always, we jump between the present on Earth and the past on Raan.  On Raan, we see Adam and Alanna asking the Rock People for their help against the Pykkts.  It's a slow-moving bunch of scenes with our heroes looking for water in the caves they are stuck in waiting for a response.  They profess their love and talk about how they will take their paradise if they make it through.

Meanwhile, on Earth, we are told that the Justice League isn't allowed to talk to Adam, even though later he is fighting side-by-side with them.  For the most part, though, the present is filled with Capital Hill hearings on the Pykkt invasion, and it is BORING!  If I wanted to watch C-Span, I could do that on my own!  

The big thing here is that Alanna impresses the President with one speech and sets up a task force led by Adam and Alanna, which seems to be part of their plan.  Adam then answers questions at a press conference, we see that Alanna and Mister Teriffic are watching it together, and in the past, we get to see Aleea.  Again, most of this is just so dull and just a slog to get through.

If you haven't guessed it by now, I thought this issue was a snooze fest.  I checked the page count at least five times while reading, starting at page six!  Not a lot happens, and while it seems that pieces of a grand scheme are falling into place, I didn't care.  Maybe I will by the end, but right now, that is a big "no."  I continue to like the art, but not much else here.  We do get a non-explanation of why Alanna is smoking so much, but it felt forced in by King to answer so many Twitter questions about it.

Bits and Pieces:

Strange Adventures is almost at the halfway mark, and I have gone from confused to intrigued to just bored.  Tom King continues to formulate his mystery based on the lack of any real information, and so, there is no way to play along.  Heck, I am not even sure what the mystery is at this point!  I like the art enough, but the character work lack substance or any reference point, and again, I was bored the whole time reading this issue.  I hope things pick up next issue, because I am about to bail on this book.


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