Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Justice League #57 Review

Things and Stuff

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 17, 2020

It's time to finish this Death Metal tie-in arc and see what our Justice League of this new twisted world were actually able to accomplish. In our previous issue, we saw our team not only free the captured Legion of Doom members but also take out Perpetua's throne and destroy its guardian, the Omega Knight. That's a hell of a workday, but it looks like they're about to get some overtime forced on them because it looked like now that the Legion of Doom were free, they were looking to kick a little ass and take some names, and sadly, our heroes were the only ones around. Let's jump into this issue and see if we all can't just get along.

Even though we have our villains pissed off to see a bunch of heroes standing around them, that's nothing compared to how pissed they are to see Lex Luthor, the man who betrayed them to Perpetua and got them stuck to her chair in the first place. So yeah, essentially we spend a lot of this issue trying to get people not to kill each other while realizing that the small stakes we thought we had from the previous issue were actually not there at all.

It was ridiculous in my mind that nobody seemed to get killed by the Omega Titan for how big and bad that monster was and by the end of the last issue it looked like the only person who was a casualty of the assault on Perpetua's throne was Detective Chimp, but not only did Bobo live, but so did the Omega Knight so we're just back to where we were the last issue, but with the Legion of Doom helping our heroes after a bunch of convincing. So yeah, no real stakes in this story arc especially since everyone is fine and because now we have to end the arc and all we have to do is take the powers of the Legion of Doom, channel them through what's left of Perpetua's throne and blast the Omega Knight with them. Now that might sound kind of cool to end this not to mention get our three villains back to their original status quo, but their powers were so ill-defined that the only reference to the new powers being gone is Sinestro saying he likes fear better anyways...... No talk about "Tears of Extinction" and no reference to where the Turtle baby went and what Grodd's connection to the "Still Force" is...... Yeah, a lot of nothing here, especially since after this is all said and done, Lex Luthor and the rest of the Legion of Doom just boom tube away and go meet up with our Trinity to continue the actual Death Metal story.

All in all, the art was alright here but the story was just nonsense that simply took all the ramifications of the last issue out while returning our villains to their status quo in the laziest way possible. I just wish that this story or the lead up to the story was more thought out because it doesn't seem like anyone who's working on this story knows anything about its background or what's actually happening and it's just getting all jumbled with each tie-in. This was a disappointment that just felt like it needed to end and that it had already run out of story to tell so just had to rehash things and throw some mumbo jumbo at us that wasn't satisfying at all.

Bits and Pieces:

The story comes to a quick close here in the most unsatisfying way imaginable. Ramifications and stakes are thrown out the window, while status quos are changed unceremoniously and..... honestly, it doesn't seem like anyone cared about this and just needed to accomplish some house cleaning for Death Metal. The art was fun and I love the characters involved here but ultimately, this was a huge letdown.


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  1. Why do they do that? Decompress or pad the stories to stretch it out to more issues than necessary then just wrap things up suddenly and abruptly. It's so frustrating. And I was hoping for more character interaction between Dick, Vic and Kory especially since this was solicited as a Titans reunion of sorts. And I see next issue is a tie in for the NEXT crossover event. Is Death Metal going to continue into it or are they actually starting a whole new long drawn out story right after being finished with this one? Either way, I'm so sick of these stories that take over two years to finish. How do they expect to get new readers with stories like this? I was really enjoying those short storylines from issues 40-52. They were very reminiscent of those old late 90s/early 2000s JLA stories. Why can't we just do stuff like that again where one story only lasts a few issues then we move on to something else? Something tells me I'm in the wrong era lol