Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Justice League #58 Review

Do You Want To Build A Construct Snowman?

Written By: Andy Lanning, Ron Marz
Art By: Xermanico, Alex Sinclair, Tom Napolitano, Marco Santucci, Arif Prianto, Troy Peteri
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 15, 2020

While we may have gotten Fire Trolls on our side in Atlantis in Chapter 4 of this story, it's time to head on back to the surface to see what the rest of our Justice League are up to.... or more precisely, what our Green Lantern, John Stewart is up to. Let's jump into this issue and see if we're dealing with more than John just smashing ice monsters and if we can actually get to the Frost King in this issue. Let's check it out.

Alright, this is a John Stewart centric story and while you will get your ice monster smashing bits... because what is this story without that at this point, you get a personal look at John and his idea of family and if he'll ever have one and while you can take some nice feels out of this narrative, it doesn't do much for the story of the Frost King overall except for continuing the forced nature of family being the real story that's being told here. So apparently as long as we mention family or the idea of family, that's the progression to our story while the Frost King sits hidden..... thinking about his family.  

The big takeaway of this issue though is the idea that Detective Chimp has discovered a large convergence of ice monsters on scientific research buildings around the globe and that maybe there's a connection to the Frost King, while we continue our backstory in the flashbacks at the beginning of these books to figure out what the Frost King is all about and what our Justice League of 10 AD are willing to do to stop him. These sections, like the rest of the series, continue to be the highlights of the book since whenever we deal with our present-day heroes, it's just whoever we're focusing on in that issue fighting ice monsters and thinking about family. It's just not all that interesting.  

All in all, The art in this issue is great and I love seeing John Stewart headlining this issue, but there just isn't much to this to expand on what we've previously seen. Yeah, the flashback stuff is great, but like every issue of this mini-event, I need more out of what's currently going on and we're just not getting that and at Chapter 5, that's pretty underwhelming. Hopefully, now that we're more than halfway through this story we'll start getting more, but this forced idea of family isn't enough to really keep me interested.

Bits and Pieces:

While I was hoping for some Fire Trolls to make their appearance in this issue, we focus mostly on John Stewart and him wondering if he'll ever have a family, while also busting up some ice monsters. Yeah, not much is different here than previous chapters and it's wearing a bit thin, but like usual the flashbacks are the star of this and thankfully the art was great throughout.


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