Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Justice League: Endless Winter #2 Review

Put On Ice

Written By: Andy Lanning, Ron Marz
Art By: Carmine Di Giandomenico, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi, Andworld Design
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: December 29, 2020

It's the finale to the story that felt like it took forever to start, that really didn't have our Justice League do much of anything except for talk about family and fight ice monsters around the world. Maybe that's fine for some but for an event that took up the entire month and one that is taking place in our current timeline before two months full of dark futures and little else, I was looking for more out of this 9 part event. Hopefully with this ending things will feel like it was all worth it and what felt like padding before will feel more like useful installments. Let's check it out.

For our finale, we're picking up right where we left off in our previous chapter, where the Justice League and Black Adam are taking on a giant Kryptonian crystal infused Frost King that is now more powerful than he's ever been....... Now, what is worse in your mind, the idea that the Frost King is more powerful than he's ever been now, even though he was powered up initially in this story but we never really knew what they meant, or the idea that this powered-up version isn't actually the Frost King and it's just an ice construct like everything else our heroes have fought up to this point? I don't know about you, but both these concepts are pretty disappointing in my mind, especially when this whole story just goes back to the Arctic Cycle where we initially began....... because the Frost King never actually went anywhere it seems, but still somehow teleported his ice block full of family back to where he currently is.  

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I don't know why a lot of this story is happening or how it really is resolved because that aspect just kind of comes out of nowhere and the Endless Winter is just over, not to mention that the Justice League kind of cover-up Superman's involvement in the Endless Winter and pin everything on Sebastian Stagg, but it looks like we've set things up for what the Justice League will look like coming back after Future State and also undid something that Brian Michael Bendis did during his run with Superman in a way that just doesn't retcon it but created a reason for it to be remade and as I sat here and read this issue I thought to myself...... "one down, a bunch more to go".  

All in all, the art in this issue is alright for somethings, but whenever there's a bunch of action going on, which happens a lot in this issue, things become a little muddled and hard to discern..... which is a problem, and the ending to this story isn't the most climactic as it just kind of ends for no real reason and Sebastian Stagg is treated as a villain, while no one gives a damn about the Frost King or Superman's involvement, not to mention the infusion of the Kryptonian crystals doesn't get explained or resolved either.

Endless Winter (Wonderland) - DC Comics Song Parody

All in all, you get some action here that's hard to define and a conclusion to a story that never really felt like it meant a lot since everyone mostly just talked about family while they were punching ice monsters but I am happy that we were able to undo a Bendis-ism that was thrown on our hero so for my personal preferences, this story was completely worth it just for that........ kind of.

Bits and Pieces:

The ending to our winter event comes at us with a lot to resolve but sadly just kind of fizzles without much of an explanation or redemption for our villain..... even though the book likes to pretend that both went on while blaming everything on Sebastian Stagg and where Superman and Frost King come out smelling like roses. It seems like an odd ending....... and it is, but we've set some things up for March here and I look forward to seeing those aspects in the future.


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  1. This comic is very good. Where can I read the full version? I can only read a small copy in mr mine while sitting on the subway.