Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Rorschach #6 Review

Follow the Clues

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Jorge Fornes
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: March 9th, 2021

As our nameless Detective continues his investigation, he finally gets his hands on the letters that were exchanged between Myerson and Laura that brought them together and would eventually lead to the assassination attempt that started this story off. And that's entirely what this issue is. It's those letters, set to the imagery of course.

Laura had written Myerson just to let him know how much she admired his work. But she states that it was specifically his work on Citizen and the Unthinker; not Pontius Pirate which is what most people know him for. Myerson responds very professionally at first, saying thank you and whatnot. But the exchanges keep going until they have created a personal relationship through pen-palling.

Laura would bring up her struggles and Myerson would follow up on his own, and honestly, it's done so very good. The way they start off and then bounce off of each other to start getting deep is excellently done. Eventually, we see Laura's first kill as she shoots an abuser, and her decision to not blow her own brains out but to go to Myerson. Then the two actually meet in the end and hug as if they've known each other forever.

Bits and Pieces

This is a long read but it's a good long read. It shows us at length the letters that Myerson and Laura wrote to each other and why they connected regardless of their age gap. Myerson at the end of his days, Laura only 19 and spiraling into hopelessness. Although I still struggle to understand why this has to be a Rorschach story, I continue to enjoy this series, and this issue was really well done. I thought it was great. 


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