Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Flash #768 Review

Quantum [BLEEP]

Written By: Jeremey Adams
Art By: Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci, David Lafuenta, Mike Atiyeh, Arif Prianto, Luis Guerrero, Steve Wands
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: March 30, 2021

The Flash is back and now that Barry Allen plans on discovering what the new Omniverse holds with Calvin Ellis and the rest of Justice Incarnate, it seems that the person who's going to fill his boots back on the Earth we know and love is none other than my Flash, Wally West. That's right, after a few bad years of getting the shaft, it seems that Wally is back in the good graces of DC Comics and is getting a shot to make a difference. Let's hope that this continues as this series does because man..... Wally West seriously needs a win. Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

Alright..... about that whole "win" thing. Yeah, while Wally is supposed to be The Flash of the Justice League, it seems that after all the events of the past couple of years that the fans hated that even the Justice League can't really look at our hero in the same light... especially Green Arrow and this has led to Wally deciding to give up the mantle of the Flash and have Barry help him in severing his connection to the Speed Force so that he can't ever accidentally hurt anyone again. That's bad news bears for Wally fans but thankfully things have a way of working out because during this process to cut Wally off, it seems that the Speed Force itself has bigger plans for our Fastest Man Alive and pulls Wally West throughout time and places his consciousness in the bodies of speedsters to fix something wrong with the Force in an attempt to save itself from some cosmic injury.

For our first foray into this new quest for Wally West we see him Quantum Leaping into a caveman that has to take on a speed raptor as Barry, Mr. Terrific and Green Arrow try to figure out what happened to Wally, while also trying to come up with a plan to get him back, but it seems that they'll have to think faster because after the Speed Force seems to be fixed in one era, Wally's transported to a new one that will see the return of Gold Beetle from the Future State Black Adam backups.

All in all, I enjoyed what we got out of this issue from the art to the way that people like Green Arrow were treating Wally for what he previously did... Yeah, it sucks but it's understandable and the setup for Wally wanting to give up his powers and his role as a superhero also makes sense since he's finally got his wife and kids back, which I wished we dealt with a little bit more in this issue. The biggest problem I see going forward with this title at least for the first arc in our post-Future State storytelling is a time period of the week gimmick that we're going to see going forward because right away the caveman Wally fighting speed dinosaurs was kind of silly and didn't make much sense and the way that the problem of the time period was resolved was a bit confusing but I still found this issue to be fun and I like the tone that was set here for what we will get going forward. I just hope that the concept we're currently working with doesn't get too old too quickly.

Bits and Pieces:

Wally West is trapped in time all Sam Beckett style and needs to help repair the Speed Force and while this concept is fun, I hope that it doesn't go on too long because the enjoyment of something like that is fleeting but thankfully we had a solid setup here, some great family moments between Wally and Barry and some amazing art...... I just wish that the Speed Force wasn't so mysterious to this day because nobody in this comic really has an idea of what it's doing.


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