Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Weird Science DC Comics Ep 356: DC Comics, Justice League, Flash, Nightwing, Catwoman, Speed Lab & Buzzkill


Four big DC Comics and some mail, songs, and fun along the way. We even have a new segment with Clay talking some Digital First books!

The Patreon Spotlight this week was Superman Red and Blue #2 & Batman vs Ra's al Ghul #6 so if you would like to help out the podcast and get a ton of exclusive shows in return, head over to our Patreon  (patreon.com/weirdscience), and If you can, please leave us a review on iTunes! Also, Check out our Youtube Channel - Weird Science Comics and our Marvel Podcast - Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast and our Manga Podcast - Weird Science Manga Podcast 

Intro (0:00), Justice League #60 (12:07), The Flash #769 (53:33), Clay's Digital Spotlight - Infinite Frontier: Secret Files #1 ( 1:13:06),  Mail (1:28:17), Nightwing #79 (1:37:06), Catwoman #30 (2:10:28)

**Special Thanks to The Anayalator for the Lyrics to the Outro Song**


  1. Thanks for reading my less then stellar mail! I was so excited to hear your comments on my braindead thoughts! Love the show and the site!

    1. LOL!!! No problem, I got to play the Boy's Toys Theme!!!!