Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Justice League #61 Review

Welcome To Stink World

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V
Art By: David Marquez, Tamra Bonvillain, Josh Reed, Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: May 18, 2021

It's time to head on over to Naomi McDuffie's homeworld, where previously we saw one of the metas of that world pierce the dimensional fabric and come check out what our heroes world is all about. After getting his ass kicked repeatedly, that meta, (Brutus) turned tail and headed on back to where he came from and now it's time to follow him home and in the process finally get some answers about where Naomi came from because even though we're now in an Omniverse after Death Metal....... for whatever reason, it seems that Naomi's homeworld isn't a part of that and hopefully we'll figure out what that means by the end. Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

Alright, so we're now in Naomi's homeworld and everything is a bit crazy..... but not in a fun way. You see now that we've got our entire Justice League there, including Black Adam on this world, their individual powers are going to go crazy. Some in a good way, some in a bad way. Since Superman is our powerhouse and can pretty much solve any problem himself...... his heat vision has gone haywire so he's blind right now because he doesn't want to open his eyes and hurt anyone. Black Canary's canary cry is supercharged, Hawkgirl just feels great and for whatever reason Naomi's hands started disappearing like she was Marty McFly at the end of the Back to the Future, and like that movie..... she got better. There are just strange things happening to some of our heroes and we don't know why and as they all wake up in this world, where they've all been separated for some reason they all are just surrounded by pieces of crap who have to get their asses handed to them before we can see these characters converge on one another while we're left scratching our heads about why any of this is going on.

Putting our heroes' parts aside, we do have a brief interaction with Brutus and another meta character called McMurph about how she developed this dimensional hopper and how they want a new world to inhabit since their current one is a shit hole. Beyond the Justice League though, our JLD team gets their magic going as they figure out why Merlin attacked a bookshop in the previous issue, and with Ragman now on the team, they enter a fictional library, where Merlin plans on reacquiring his original spell book.

All in all, the art for both our main story and our JLD backup are great, and I did enjoy where we went with the JLD story because of how the magic was used in a way that actually felt........ Well, magical. As for our main story though, the idea of finding out more about Naomi's homeworld is intriguing but I can't say I was too impressed with what I saw here as heroes just felt weird for weird reasons, and instead of figuring anything out here, we just went one by one to see how everyone was reacting until there was a fight and the whole thing was over before it ever felt like it began. Not to mention that the sing-song dialog that Bendis loves to do was front and center here and it made the characters feel kind of silly by the end. Hopefully, the story turns around as it goes on because right now it just feels like another miss.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'm continuing to enjoy where we're going in the JLD backup, the main Justice League story never really felt like it started as we were transported to a strange and different world where some people felt weird, while others felt fine........ and that's all we did over and over again. The art was great all around but I seriously need more out of Naomi's homeworld and our Justice League characters than what we got here.


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