Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Flash #771 Review

A Need For Speed....... Force

Written By: Jeremy Adams
Art By: Kevin Maguire, Howard Porter, Berat Pekmezci, Bryan Hitch, Max Raynor, Scott Kolins, Tom Derenick, Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, Brandon Peterson, Michael Atiyeh, Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 15, 2021

Let's jump back into our Quantum Leap style story where Wally West finds himself leaping from speedster to speedster throughout time where there's a disturbance in the Speed Force that our Fastest Man Alive has to disperse before it explodes into a catastrophic life-ending scenario.  As we saw at the end of the last issue it looks like Wally has jumped into the body of Reverse Flash when he's about to be inducted into the Legion of Doom but there's something funny about the way that this scenario looks so let's jump into this issue and find out what's going on with this strange body-hopping situation.  Let's check it out.

Initially, I was worried about this issue because it seemed like it was breaking the rules that were established throughout this story arc and it seemed like it was doing this to solely have some nostalgic fun in showing us the Super Friends, Legion of Doom but thankfully that isn't the case as we discover that Wally's travels don't only go through time but space as well and that means the Omniverse where everything matters and somewhere out there is a world that is made up of the Super Friends cartoon versions of our favorite characters and so with this explanation given, this works out well for me and allows us to have some fun throughout and thankfully because of this explanation I didn't have to worry about how Wally connected to the Negative Speed Force because in this world there's no such thing and wouldn't be for a long, long time..... At least that's how I explained it to myself to allow my brain to enjoy what it was getting.

So yeah, we get some classic Legion of Doom fun with Wally being stuck in the middle of a bad experience and the way that our hero siphons off the excess Speed Force energy this time around is just as fun as it was in the previous issue but we can't stay in Super Friends land long or this style of storytelling and because of that, we run through a montage of different scenarios until finally having Wally be given a reward before having to deal with the toughest situation yet and sadly, it's ones he's very familiar with.

All in all, I enjoyed the art in this issue which I was shocked at because of the number of artists in this book but the way it was done with each one tackling a different setup for Wally's adventure worked out well and even though I thought I was getting tired of this scavenger hunt, Quantum Leap scenario of storytelling these last two issues have really made this whole thing feel worthwhile and I can't wait for where this story arc concludes because the cliffhanger to this issue is crazy but leaves me with the hope that something might change for the better in Wally West's life or at least if it's not changed, it will be shown in a way that everyone can move past it in the end.  While I was iffy about this direction for our new era in the Flash's comic, I've had a blast with what we've done so far and I can't wait to see where this book will go moving forward.

Bits and Pieces:

the stakes keep getting raised as we continue our Quantum Leap style of storytelling for the Flash and while I thought that we couldn't get much higher after the previous issue, this chapter's cliffhanger leaves me salivating for what's coming next and the possibility that things could completely change for our hero.  It's just a cool issue all around with some great art and man I can't wait for what this team will bring us next issue.


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