Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Infinite Frontier #3 Review


Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Xermanico, Tom Derenick, Jess Merino, Paul Pelletier
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: July 27, 2021

I have enjoyed Infinite Frontier more with every issue, and at the risk of spoiling things, this issue is no different.  While many of the DC books appear to be heading towards Future State (a bit too quickly, I may add), Infinite Frontier feels like the ticket to avoid that future.  Don't get me wrong, I liked Future State enough when it was going on, but I do not want all of the books to head off to that dark future any time soon!  So, what do we get in this issue of Infinite Frontier, and why am I such a big fan?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Alan Scott and his son, Obsidian, still looking for Jade.  I love seeing Alan putting the beat down on Soloman Grundy, even though I doubt he would have anything to do with the disappearance!  It's an excellent-looking page of classic fights that lead to the two going to Shade for information.  While they don't get much, they head in a different direction that's more about legacy.  

If you have been reading this series, you know that there is a ton going on, and Joshua Williamson swipes through scenes quicker than George Lucas, but I think that ups the pace in a way that makes the tension build as the scenes build. On each other.

That happens when we see Black Lantern Roy floating in Space and then zip off to Earth-22 where Calvin "President Superman" Ellis and Thomas Wayne continue "talking" with Magog.  Magog plays up the multiversal "get off my lawn" with his primary focus on Thomas Wayne, who he calls an "abomination". Of course, with what we've seen so far in this series, it isn't a surprise that a guy from a destroyed timeline would be called that, and it makes me more and more intrigued about what everyone knows and who has and hasn't come back after Death Metal...and why!

I'm going to keep using the word "intrigued" as we see Barry Allen, under the control of the Omega Psycho-Pirate, and then go undercover with Alan Scott and Obsidian.  The part with Barry is very brief as Williamson continues his overall slow-burn there, but boy does it feel big!  Alan and Todd are involved in big things seeing what Director Bones is up to and finding out that something we saw the last issue was a dupe...or was it?  The multiversal nature of this story does allow Williamson to play around with a lot.

The issue ends with an extended scene with Roy being "helped" by a classic Green Lantern enemy who has come back a bit sexier and the arrival of yet another group of heroes that I think will have people pumped up!

This issue was more of a straightforward setup issue than the previous ones, and I loved it!  Joshua Williamson continues to give little hints at what's going on while also adding to the overall mystery.  I have seen some people complain that the story is lacking too many answers, but I am enjoying seeing things unfold.  Plus, each issue has more and more characters that I love coming back into the continuity, and that's why I'm here.  The art is a bit uneven at points, and I wish there weren't four artists on the book, but parts look fantastic, and nothing is bad enough to ruin the experience.

Bits and Pieces:

Joshua Williamson continues to impress with a story that feels big and important.  Infinite Frontier is an intriguing and exciting journey that should be on every DC Comic fan's pull list.


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