Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Flash 2021 Annual #1 Review

Running Down Redemption 

Written By: Jeremy Adams
Art By: Fernando Pasarin, Brandon Peterson, Hi-Fi, Michael Atiyeh, Steve Wands
Art By: $5.99
Release Date: July 13, 2021

It's time to finally end Wally West's Quantum Leap Speed Force adventure and possibly in doing so, we might take back everything that happened to our Fastest Man Alive during the events of Heroes In Crisis..... That's the hope anyway but this path has taken us down that road and now it's time time to see what happens to Wally West and everyone involved in that Sanctuary slaughter. Let's jump into this issue and see if the Speed Force gets sorted and where our hero will end up. Let's check it out.

So as I said in the intro, the Speed Force has led Wally to his darkest moment. The place where he inadvertently killed his friends and colleagues and while I find it hard to talk about this issue in a non-spoiler way because of everything that's involved here, I will say that we end up with an issue that is full of emotions where we're feeling the pain of our hero but by the end, we're also feeling his triumph as it feels like we can finally put the past behind us from Heroes In Crisis and it feels like Wally West might finally be able to do the same. That being said though, not everything is perfect with this issue.

Beyond the feelings, the emotion, the way that the characters feel real as they digest everything that's going on at the moment, we do have a villain of this issue and while it's a decent Flash callback, the problem is..... this character's return just kind of feels out of nowhere and while you do have editor's notes that tell you when this character was last seen and if you're a Flash fan I doubt you'll need them but nothing about this character coming back or how he reacts to our heroes feels like it fits here and ultimately we're left with some Speed Force nonsense that has our hero save the day and put everything back where we began and it feels like our villain could have been anyone ultimately and this return wasn't the shocking moment that it should have been....... Thank goodness for all that emotion we have throughout.

All in all, the art in this issue is great and everything from the way the book is set up, the way that Wally deals with his past while he's currently living it again, all the heroes involved, and how it makes you feel throughout was done with such amazing skill that I found myself feeling a bit choked up throughout and ridiculously getting too involved mentally and actually rooting for Wally the whole way through. What I'm saying is, this issue is immersive and makes you feel a part of this world and while I love all the feels of the book, I just wish that the villain and his return would have had the same gravitas because ultimately his character feels wasted here and does little for the book. That being said though, I can't wait until the next issue when we can see how Jeremy Adams deals with a proper Flash villain because while I don't like the way that this one was handled, that might have just been because of how much was going on already.

Bits and Pieces:

Things are looking up for Wally West fans as we finish off our Quantum Leap adventure because damn do we get a book that's chockful of emotions and characters that feel just right for the screwed-up situation that they're in. That being said, I would have liked the villain reveal to do something more for the story because by the end the bad guy inclusion didn't do much for this story or the character in general, and really......... it doesn't actually matter all that much to me because of how strong the rest of the issue is and how great the art looks throughout.


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