Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Green Lantern #5 Review

Teen Angst

Written By: Geoffrey Thorne
Art By: Tom Rany, Marco Santucci, Andy MacDonald, Michael Atiyeh, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: August 3, 2021

Let's check out if that old Green Lantern's light is shining any brighter this issue after the Main Power Battery went up in smoke. I doubt it since in the previous issue, Teen Lantern, Keli Quintela went off half-cocked to New Korugar thinking that Sinestro and his Fear Lanterns were the ones responsible for taking the power out of our heroes' rings. Let's jump into this issue and see if Keli can hold her own or if she'll succumb to fear at the hands of Sinestro. Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

So as we saw at the end of the last issue, Keli Quintela overheard the list of suspects that Jo Mullein was going over who could have been responsible for the Lights Out situation going on, and when Keli heard Sinestro, she went off all half-cocked in a fury. Now, I know she's spent some time with the Lanterns, especially Simon Baz who was hurt in the explosion but I'm not sure that we know enough about Keli or her gauntlet to say that she could let alone get to New Korugar or that she could kick the ever-loving-shit out of everyone on that planet like we see her do in this issue. Don't get me wrong, it's badass and it does make me want to know more about the gauntlet that Keli's wearing, not to mention see more of the "mysterious" Yellow Lantern that eventually brought her down, but this is some OP style character development out of nowhere and we better spend some time dealing with it and not just sweep it under the rug and move on.

For the second leg of our story, where we look at John Stewart's adventures, this is an interesting little bit of John trying to get back to Oa, while also saving the people of the planet he was on because he's now put them in danger and while this is a decent segment of the book, it really throws me off in that it feels like it took over a year for John to get back and I for whatever reason was under the idea that both stories were going on at the same time, which kind of makes sense for something we get in the Keli part of the story, but it feels really off to me for what we've seen so far.

All in all, I enjoyed the art in this issue and loved the way that Keli taking on the Sinestro Corps and just everyday soldiers of New Korugar, even if I'm not completely happy with how it went down or the idea that Keli might have killed some folks in this attack....... still though, it looked fantastic. This is an odd issue that does some odd things with its characters and its timelines but like usual, there's enough here to keep me intrigued and dying to know more about as our series continues, and even though I think that Keli was overpowered in this issue, hopefully, it will lead to getting a better understanding about our Teen Lantern and why she was able to go up against elite Sinestro Corpsmen and I hope that John's story now that he's back on Oa spends some more time doing other things beyond going all Future State on us because that's the direction it looks like it's going even though that story should be far in our heroes' futures.

Bits and Pieces:

While I continue to be really impressed with this run of Green Lantern, this issue felt a bit off in how it presented its characters and its timeline but that could just lead to bigger and better things down the road with the explanation being something I'd love to see. You can't always count on that though and with that, I thought the art was great here, the action intense and I can't wait to see some of the reveals here be touched on more as our series progresses.


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