Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Batman/Catwoman #7 Review

Let's Get Butt-Naked, Bloody And Wrestle

Written By: Tom King
Art By: Liam Sharp, Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: September 7, 2021

It's time to jump back into the three-tiered story that is Batman/Catwoman, where previously we saw Catwoman in the past talking to Joker about Christmas ornaments, in the present Catwoman knocked out Batman so that Phantasm and her could go kill the Joker and in the future, Selina and her daughter Helena went on patrol and made fun of new villains' names before Selina admitted to killing the Joker in the future from the beginning of this series....... So yeah, there's not a lot going on in this series and hopefully, that changes as we start the second leg of the story with this issue. Let's check it out.

For this exciting installment of Batman/Catwoman we have Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle banging in the past even though after Bruce is finished he talks about smelling that the Joker was in the room before he showed up and our character assassination of Selina Kyle continues as she wants Bruce to leave because she refuses to give up the Joker's location to him. There's not much to this section, which still somehow feels like it's doing more than the future and present-day sections. Speaking of our present-day section of the story. Bruce has been locked up in a bank vault naked and has to fight all the police that are coming for him and the way that Batman plans on achieving this without being recognized is by smearing blood on his face. So yeah, Batman beats up the police naked, covered in blood before we realize that we've missed what could be the biggest swerve in the book and that's ridiculous.

As for our future era of this story, we see Selina Kyle arrested for the murder of the Joker and Huntress, Helena Wayne feels really down about it, but mostly feels like her mother is nothing like her father or her. Plus, there's a weird mention about Batman dressing Robin up as he did as a way to make the Joker laugh, which felt kind of weird.  

All in all, we have Liam Sharp on art this issue and while a lot of people love his art, it's not for me as a whole because I like a lot cleaner of a look and Liam's colors are a lot darker and smudgier than we've been getting throughout this series and since we've been barely getting a story throughout this series, Clay Mann's art has been the only thing that I've looked forward to. Now that it's gone there's not much here as a lot of the action that we do get is lost in the line-heavy darkness of Liam Sharp's style and the story continued to really do nothing, even to the point where we're told after the fact of a big swerve between Phantasm and Catwoman. Just another disappointing issue in a disappointing series that feels like it refuses to get started.

Bits and Pieces:

While a lot of people will love Liam Sharp's contribution to this issue, it left me wishing that Clay Mann was still the artist because it's essentially the only redeeming quality for me in this series as the story just doesn't do anything and when it tries, it feels weird and on the verge of being horrible to the characters it's presenting. Hopefully though, since we didn't get much story in the first half of this series, maybe we'll start getting things picked up with the rest of this series but if this issue is any indication, I'm not going to hold my breath.


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