Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Nightwing #84 Review


All in a Nightwings Work

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 21, 2021

Since Tom Taylor took over Nightwing, this book has been hotter than Hansel!  I haven't been as much of a fan of the fan service over story approach at times, but I am still glad Taylor has rescued this book from the disaster of Ric Grayson.  Unfortunately, this book is running straight into Fear State just as things were heating up, but hopefully, the momentum isn't thrown off completely.  Let's jump in and see...

I will tell you right away if you've loved the fan service I mentioned above, you do not have to worry.  It is here in droves, and I won't complain about it here.  It keeps the book feeling fright as it navigates through Fear State.

The issue opens with Nightwing getting a call from Barbara, but if you read the other Fear State issues, you know it's Anti-Oracle and that Dick is heading into a trap...in Crime Alley. So Yea, you know Bruce is showing up! 

Overall, there isn't much going on here, but I blame Tynion's lack of progression in the main book more than Taylor here.  His hands are tied with what he can play with, and he does a good job with what he has.

While Dick tries to keep to the shadows, he gets some unwanted attention from the Magistrate, and when Batman shows up, it's game on.  The fight itself isn't that impressive, and I was not a fan of Robbi Rodriguez's art at all here, but who doesn't get giddy seeing Batman and Nightwing fighting off baddies together?!?

After a line sure to get some fans misty-eyed, Dick heads off to see the real Oracle.  This scene is a bit awkward, but not in the usual way. You see, Barbara is in a bunch of books right now, one of them being Nightwing.  But, this Fear State story relies on her being a part of Team Batman in Gotham all this time, so Taylor has to make it seem like that all makes sense.  It really doesn't, but he makes it okay by ignoring it and moving on.  Moving on to a cliffhanger that may look a bit janky but will have Batgirl fans smiling!

This issue is a quick read that is full of fan service but in a good way.  It's not an essential read for Nightwing or Fear State readers, but the cliffhanger makes it seem that big thing are about to happen.  I mentioned it already, but I was not a fan of the art, but it's not a deal-breaker, just not my cup of tea.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a nice issue for Nightwing fans, and while it isn't essential to the overall Fear State story, the cliffhanger promises that might change in the next issue.  It's a shame this book had to get sidetracked by the Fear State crossover, but Tom Taylor keeps readers in familiar territory throughout.



  1. So it seems the writers are ignoring the whole "everything happened" promise with this series. Like wasn't Bridget Clancy going to medical school in New York last time we saw her? And I don't remember her having kids. And since when aren't she and Dick on a first name basis? It seems they're pretty much ignoring everything that happened after Chuck Dixon's run on the 90s book. Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying this run but the total disregard for past continuity especially when they assured us it all matters is kind of annoying.

    1. It's odd - we get just the thrown in line that Dick was a cop in Bludhaven, but you get Bridget thrown at you as a weird aside in a cross-over tie-in where they don't seem to know each other! This book has been good enough, but the fan service is always the predictable and generic when something like Bridget is messed up.

  2. Also, where was the guy who was arrested going to get milk? If there's a curfew wouldn't that mean all the stores would be closed?