Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Superman and the Authority #3 Review


The Elite Authority

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Travel Foreman, Mikel Janin
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: September 14, 2021

It is crazy how much I have enjoyed this series so far.  I know it was supposed to be a 5G thing, and now DC Comics is trying to squeeze it into the "everything matters" Infinite Frontier continuity, but I likes what I likes and I can almost say I've loved it so far.  However, I am starting to worry that there will not be enough space to tell a complete story.  Let's jump into the review...
The issue opens with a bit of a time jump, and I was upset, thinking that we wouldn't get to see our "heroes" free June Moon from hell. But, don't worry, we do, and I liked seeing it, though it seems that multiple scenes are missing a page or two from the narrative.  I haven't thought this at all in the first two issues, but it's a nagging problem here.

We are (re)introduced to the big bad of the story, though it's done with a slight swerve.  Still, it's easy to figure out who is gunning for Superman if you missed the big clue at the end of the first issue.  It's a cool villain with a new look, though he is looking to upgrade.

Morrison does introduce another character for the team, and while I think this Lightray is awesome, the setup is more "Morrisony" than we've gotten so far, and with one issue to go, it feels like it should have come earlier.

Morrison does continue having fun with Manchester Black, and watching him and Midnighter go back-and-forth is something I will never get tired of seeing!  Solid Gold!!!

As far as the overall story, not a ton happens until Superman realizes the call is coming from within the house, but it's too late to stop the bad guy from doing his evil things.  It's another story that proves that Superman should have fixed the Bottled City of Kandor when he had the chance!

This was a down issue and has me worried that we won't get much out of this 4-issue mini except a couple of mentions of things that kind of tie into what is happening in the Son of Kal-El and Action Comics books.  It's a shame because it looks fantastic (especially the Mikel Janin parts) and exceeded my expectations big time up until now.

Bits and Pieces:

Superman and the Authority #3 was a down issue for me.  I am now worried that there won't be enough space for Grant Morrison to tell his story properly with just one issue left.  It's a shame because the art is terrific and there is something here. But, boy, I hope I am wrong.


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