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Wonder Girl #6 Review

Wonder Girl #6 Review - Weird Science DC Comics

Wonder Girl #6 Review - Weird Science DC Comics

A lot of Assembly Required

Written by:  Joëlle Jones
Art by: Leila Del Duca, Jordie Bellaire, and Pat Brosseau
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: December 14, 2021

Wonder Girl #6 casts Yara Flor down into the dark pit of Tartarus as punishment for rejecting Hera's offer to become her immortal champion. Farther from home than she ever thought possible, Yara encounters bizarre witches and giants before a final confrontation with Eros. Meanwhile, Cassie and Donna Troy get to know the Esquecida tribe during their joint mission to rescue Yara.

Was It Good?

Somewhere along the way, the Wonder Girl title got hopelessly lost. Unfortunately, if you're a fan of consistency, I'm happy to report it's still lost.

Honestly, I'm not even sure if there was a point to this issue. When last we saw Yara Flor, Hera had cast her into Tartarus as punishment for rejecting Hera's offer of immortality as her servant. When we catch up with Yara, she's confronted with hissing monsters and giants that threaten to eat her or squish her, respectively. 

Wonder Girl #6 Review - Weird Science DC Comics

Instead of either choice, the giant squishes the hissing witch monsters and puts Yara in a cage. Why? I have no idea. Later, Eros pays her a visit and the to have a lovers' quarrel about Yara's rejection because Eros takes it as a rejection of their relationship. to be fair, I have absolutely no memory of them being in a relationship, so this spat comes out of left field.

Later, the giant breaks Yara out of the cage he put her in to start bashing her.   Unfortunatley, you never see her get put in the cage or given an explanation why. You also get no description for why the giant comes back later and breaks her out of the cage only to start punching her again.

Wonder Girl #6 Review - Weird Science DC Comics

If you're not getting it yet, this issue is stuffed full of moments and scenes that happen seemingly at random. There is no setup, explanation, or rationale to almost everything. It's simply a collection of moments with no straightforward story.

Regarding the art, Jones has left that part of the equation. Del Duca, however, does a fine job mimicking a close approximation of Jones's style without too much of a jarring visual shift. Generally, the art is quite good and consistent enough with Jones's style to make Yara Flor such a hit coming out of Future State.

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Bits and Pieces

Wonder Girl #6 is a beautifully drawn collection of random scenes that make no sense and don't appear to be following anything remotely considered a story. Instead, the reader gets scattered information, and then things happen with a complete absence of flow or direction.


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