Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Blue & Gold #5 Review


Blue Beatles

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Ryan Sook
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 18, 2022

Blue and Gold is one of those books that still hasn't grabbed me.  So, why do I keep reading it and reviewing it?  Well, I like this Blue Beetle and Booster Gold team-up, so I haven't hated an issue or been angry that I read it.  Instead, I end up having no strong feelings about it after I'm done and don't think about it until the next issue pops up.  Hopefully, that changes soon since we are in the stretch run here.  Does this issue hook me?  Yea, it does a bit...

Seriously, if you know me, you know right away that having Rip Hunter checking out the Beatles in 1962 is going to get me!  But, of course, he has to get going because Booster and another Beetle are in trouble, making me smile.  

You will never hear me say that Omnizon is a great villain because she is not.  The fact that they teleported her away earlier for her to make her way back to them was a ridiculous way to give them time to set up their Heroes 4 Hire business, but at least it seems they learned from that mistake.  What Omnizon brings to the table is a grey-area bit of colonization satire that isn't in your face enough to be annoying, but it's also just a vehicle to get Booster and Ted in some fun hijinks.

While Dan Jurgens might think the social media aspects of this series are a hoot, they have been one of the most annoying things, and thankfully, they lessen in this issue to the point where two of the most prominent tweeters meet face-to-face talk.  I liked that part way more than I thought I would, and that's a bit of why I enjoyed this issue more than others.  I smiled a lot while reading it.  Listen, I know that everyone has become used to people losing their minds for the simplest things, but me smiling is a big thing.  I'm a miserable prick, and while it wouldn't get millions of views on Youtube, at least it's genuine.

Another reason I smiled while reading the issue is that Ted and Booster feel more like best buds than they have been so far.  A common enemy will do that, but I'll take it.  Plus, them opening up the can of worms that is superheroes for hire (for free) has pushed the fun factor up a bit and allows Jurgens to play with the idea of what is "crazy" in a universe where anything can and usually does happen.  Again, it's a bit of satire but done more for laughs.

The overall story does push things forward as Rip Hunter arrives to help but realizes that maybe he can't.  It does set up an ending and cliffhanger that is a bit cliche but should lead to some fun next issue.

I know this series is all about having fun with Booster and Ted, but up until now, I wasn't feeling it.  That changed this issue with the zany people showing up for help and our main characters acting like the Best Friends they are.  I still don't think that Omnizon is a great villain, and her story teeters towards cliche, but having fun negates a lot of that, and Ryan Sook's art is excellent.

Bits and Pieces:

Blue & Gold #5 finally got me invested in the series, but is it a little too late?  Time will tell, but for now, I had a smile on my face while reading this issue.  The overall story may not be one for the ages, but it's a fun read with great art.


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