Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Deathstroke Inc. #7 Review


Father of Mine

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 22, 2022

I have done a complete 180 with this book since it started.  I did not enjoy the start of this series, but it took a handful of issues to understand why it existed.  Since then, though, things have gotten progressively better, and now that we have a proper "Deathstroke Inc." going on with Slade commanding a new Secret Society, I am so in!  This book is the main reason I am looking forward to the upcoming Shadow War crossover, and I hope this issue raises that interest big time.  Well, does it?  Let's find out...

The cover of this issue says, "Family Reunion," and while covers often lie, this one doesn't.  This issue is all about the Wilson family and its newest member, Respawn.  That's all I will spoil in this issue, and while that will probably lead to a pretty short review, I want everyone to enjoy finding out for themselves.  I loved it!

Besides Respawn, we find out that Slade is leading the Secret Society for the same reason that most are doing such things in this Infinite Frontier - something bad is coming their way, and they don't want to leave it to the heroes to muck it up again.  So Yea, it keeps coming up, but it works.

We get some good interactions between Rose and her father here as well.  While Rose wants Slade to be a better father, Slade still can't get over Grant's death and seems to think that what he is doing will eventually allow the Wilson family to be whole again.  Deathstroke looks a little crazed here, and Respawn showing up kicks that into high gear!

The issue ends with Rose being helped on her way, and really, I would never expect her to go along with such a plan.  It's setting up a lot of stuff in the Shadow War and some much bigger things.  Even with that, though, Joshua Williamson does it subtly and allows the reader to fully enjoy the big moments in the issue for what they are.  Speaking of big, the issue has an epilogue that shocked me and made me smile and giggle a bit.  The issue looks great and has me excited for so much going forward!

Bit and Pieces:

Deathstroke Inc. #7 has a lot going on and is a must-read for those reading the current Robin book, looking forward to the Shadow War crossover, or wanting to get excited about the Dark Crisis Event.


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