Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Nubia & The Amazons #6 Review

Reading the Minutes

Written by: Stephanie Williams, Vita Ayala
Art by: Alitha Martinez, Mark Morales
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters by: Becca Carey
Cover art by: Darryl Banks, Hi-Fi
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: March 8, 2022

Nubia & The Amazons #6 is the second chapter in the Trial of the Amazons event where the tribes of Themyscira, Esquecida, and Bana-Mighdall mourn the loss of a murdered sister. While the fate of the Trials is decided, assorted characters start a murder investigation. Meanwhile, those closest to Doom's Doorway sense something isn't right.

Was It Good?

The first thing likely to strike you as odd about Nubia & The Amazons #6 is the numbering. #6 doesn't end the arc (technically, the arc ended in issue #5). #6 is Trial of the Amazons #2. Why did DC number it this way? Nobody knows and it's confusing as heck.

Legitimately, it makes more sense to call this issue Trial of the Amazons #2.

We begin with a funeral for [REDACTED], attended by the assembled tribes. The funeral has reasonably emotional moments, and it gives readers a deeper sense of the culture from each tribe. Once the funeral is done, the debates start. This series is in love with meetings, and this issue is no exception. More meetings upon meetings upon meetings to collectively discuss every decision.

The big meeting, of course, centers around whether or not to postpone the Trials while a murderer is on the loose. The logical thing would be to postpone the Trials until the murderer is caught, but the need to crown a champion appears to be a higher priority than [REDACTED]'s death and few seem concerned that the murderer could participate and potentially be named Champion.

Beyond the meeting to decide whether or not to postpone the Trials, there are flyers to describe the Trials, meetings to discuss the importance of guarding Doom's Doorway, and meetings to discuss Medusa.

There's lots of talking, lots of meetings, and the net result is an issue that's all information dump to establish the attitudes of several characters and explain what's coming later in the event.

The art is serviceable. It's not top-tier work by any stretch but for an issue that's almost all talking and meetings, the art gets the job done.

Bits and Pieces

Nubia & The Amazons #6 ends the Nubia series (after it already finished) and continues the second chapter of The Trial of the Amazons event with a lot of talking and meetings. The art is just okay, and there's enough information here to be informative, but the numbering confusion was unnecessary, and this issue added little value as an epilogue to the Nubia run.



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