Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Titans United #7 Review

Take Your Pulse

Written By: Cavan Scott
Art By: Jose Luis, Daniel Hor, Jonas Trindade, Rex Lokus, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 15, 2022

It's the Titans United finale to what I'm calling a Hypertime story that finds the cast of the Titans HBO show put into comics with a story that has it all..... and I do mean all. We've got people who have been turned into sleeper agents with Titan powers, we have Tamaran invading Earth, we had Superboy turn evil and go by his Hypertime name of Black Zero and at the end of the previous issue, we learned that we also have the Citadel coming to Earth to take it over as well. Let's jump into this finale and see if all these loose threads can be pulled tight and have this seven-issue mini feel like it mattered by the end. Let's check it out.

So in our previous issues of Titans United, we saw that people who were activated with meta DNA would eventually burn out and die, and while that story thread didn't really feel like it continued very long, it sure as hell gets thrown out here as we have pulses that activate the sleeper agents, we previously had pulses that stopped them and now we have pulses that will give the people their minds back, but alter their DNA to keep the power going....... until they're given another pulse to get rid of the powers. Things just kind of come to a head in this issue while also doing it in a very convoluted way because everything that we've been going through in this mini has been the work of the Citadel whether it makes sense or not and now our Titans have to team up with every villain they've come across in this series to take down this threat, which they do very quickly because it felt like the fight didn't start until we had like three pages left. 

Yeah, there's not a lot going on in this book beyond trying to wrap up everything that was set up and while it manages to do this for the most part..... in a very clunky manner, this final issue just feels like things were thrown at the wall to come to a conclusion because if you have a problem in this book...... make a pulse to fix it.... and that's what happens.

All in all, the art in this book looks amazing and this Titans mini is definitely the best Titans book that we have a DC Comics at the moment but even with that said the characters feel hollow, the circumstances feel like someone threw a dart at an idea board and ultimately there isn't much to this finale that feels inspired... Still.... the best Titans book that we have right now. There's not much for our heroes to do in character that feels important and for the most part, we could just interchange these characters with any other and it wouldn't matter. The most character development that we saw in this book was between Superboy and Red Hood and for most of the series they were unbearable just so they could learn to work together by the end of this issue and it never really felt like it mattered..... You know, with Conner's power disappearing out of nowhere just so Blackfire could show up to fix them so she could have a superpowered clone at her service. Ultimately this series was weird and won't leave a lasting impression overall.

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Bits and Pieces:

Titans United had so many plots thrown at it that by the end here it feels like things are just concluded with saying "the pulse fixed it" over and over again. Yeah, the art was great throughout and this is still the best Titans book we have but overall this series and this finale left a lot to be desired.


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