Tuesday, March 1, 2022

War For Earth-3 #1 Review

Subduing The Syndicate

Written By: Robbie Thompson, Dennis Hopeless
Art By: Steve Pugh, Dexter Soy, Brent Peeples, Matt Herms, Josh Reed, Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date: March 1, 2022

After all this time, the events that led us to the Future State: Suicide Squad are starting to happen and Amanda Waller is making her push to take over Earth-3. For anyone though who's familiar with that Crime Syndicate Earth, you know that this won't be an easy task for anyone, especially since in the pages of the Suicide Squad that led into this crossover event, Rick Flag and his own Suicide Squad plan on taking the Wall down, so she's going to have her hands full while trying to create her perfect Earth. Let's jump into this issue and see if the War For Earth-3 can be something that we never forget. Let's check it out.

We start this issue with Amanda Waller making her way to Earth-3 and not just her or the Suicide Squad members that we saw her take but an entire army of villains from across the Multiverse, like an Etrigan/Brainiac, but this aspect of the book is mostly for show and allows there to be cannon fodder that no one will care about when the Crime Syndicate make their push to take out Amanda Waller and her invading force. Speaking of the Crime Syndicate, even though this is technically a new version since the Multiverse was recreated, even sporting new versions of Power Ring and Super Woman, they're all pretty much acting the way you'd expect them to, except for John Stewart's Power Ring/Emerald Knight, he's just way cooler than Harold Jordan and is just a ton of fun to read, but it's the normal problems that this team has that we see in this issue and it's these problems that allow Amanda Waller to use their weaknesses against them and gain the upper hand.

As much as I liked the Crime Syndicate in this issue and pretty much everything on Earth-3, Rick Flag's secondary Suicide Squad dragged this issue down a bit, especially when Ambush Bug showed up, but this aspect of the book felt weird and out of place at times for what it was doing, by getting certain characters off the board, while adding others only to fill up page space to finally make their way to Earth-3. Even with these problems though, I still enjoyed this first part of this crossover and with the team we have at Amanda Waller's disposal by the end, I can't wait to see where things go in this War For Earth-3.

All in all, I enjoyed the art in this issue a lot and liked going back to Earth-3 since I'm always down to explore more with our heroes' evil versions from another world and while I wasn't the biggest fan of these versions of the characters from the Crime Syndicate mini-series, they act enough like the characters I love and give us a really indifferent, yet badass version of the Emerald Knight. As cool as the Crime Syndicate are here, the Suicide Squad, the proper members like Match, Talon, and Black Siren are equally as cool as they do their damnedest to take on these Earth-3 threats. There's a lot of cool stuff to this book and the actual Earth-3 stuff is solid as hell, but whenever we actually dealt with Earth-0 and Rick Flag's Suicide Squad, this issue felt like it was just trying to balance out the playing field with the roster that it had previously acquired and that disappointing and at times a tad boring, not to mention frustrating whenever Ambush Bug showed up. All that being said though, I liked what we got here and this issue feels like it's doing some really good work in making you want to see the War For Earth-3.

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Bits and Pieces:

For our first part in the War For Earth-3, I think the writers have come at this hard in trying to pique our interest and as far as the Earth-3 stuff is concerned they totally did. The only faults I really have with this book are the Rick Flag stuff, which is funny because in the Suicide Squad on-going, that's the part that I couldn't wait to see. The art is cool throughout and there's a very worrisome cliffhanger and ultimately, while parts of this book left me disappointed, everything Earth-3 here makes me can't wait to read the next issue.


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