Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Dark Knights of Steel #6 Review

Dark Knights of Steel #6 cover

Dark Knights of Steel #6 cover

Sometimes Dead is Better

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Yasmin Putri
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 26, 2022

I have been enjoying Dark Knights of Steel a whole lot, but it always seems to be outshined by something else when it comes out.  This week it's Justice League #75, but don't sleep on this book because it is shaping up to be another great Tom Taylor Elseworlds story.  So after the last issue's cliffhanger (Bruce taken in by the Kents), what does Tom Taylor have for us this month?  The answer is plenty!

Dark Knights of Steel opens with Constantine working his way through some issues and a lot of wine.  While he does dirty to a beloved character, the play here is that while he is not the greatest of guys, he doesn't want to be the "prophecy guy" when all the shit hits the fan.  He also wants to make things right...but he may just be doing it in a very wrong way!

Dark Knights of Steel #6 Review

Constantine is an excellent example of what makes this book work.  There are many characters and moving pieces in this story, but Tom Taylor can lean on what we already know about them and then twist things ever so slightly to give great character moments. 

That continues as a little (somewhat hurt) birdie tells the House of El that war is coming and why it's so personal.  I like how Taylor keeps the reader guessing about Zala - is she lying, insane, being controlled?  Or is it something even more incredible like martians... that's just a guess, but it would put a twist on the Green Man part of the prophecy, wouldn't it?!?

Dark Knights of Steel #6 Review

The pacing of this issue is so good as Kal-El heads off to stop the threat of war while Constantine looks like he wants to make a deal with the Devil (or Demon) to make things right.  These last scenes have a cool character reveal and character interactions that should become big by the end of the story.

Tom Taylor gets his story going full steam ahead this month, and Yasmine Putrie's art is awesome.  There is so much to like in this issue, and I recommend checking it out.

Bits and Pieces:

Dark Knights of Steel #6 ends the first half of the story with a couple of reveals, some character work, and me wanting the next issue now!  I said it before, but this is Tom Taylor's best Elseworlds story since Injustice.


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