Tuesday, April 12, 2022

I Am Batman #8 Review

Looking Into The Void

Written By: John Ridley
Art By: Christian Duce, Rex Lokus, Troy Peteri
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 12, 2022

Jace Fox's New York adventure continues this issue, where previously we saw our next Batman confront the artist killer that dismembers his prey and props them up like pieces of art. This isn't something Jace is really ready for because while he wanted to make a difference in the Big Apple, he didn't want to do it in normal Batman ways, like taking on the crazy that comes out when it sees a Batman around. Thankfully though, outside of this, Jace was able to use the new Special Crimes Unit the city has created with him as a consultant to take down some black market guns that would have spread across the city. Let's jump into this issue and see what happens when Jace confronts his first real super criminal. Let's check it out.

This issue is different than anything you've seen from I Am Batman so far and I say that in a positive way in that it's not something that jumps the shark in what its been doing so far, but that it shows the vulnerability to Jace Fox's Batman in not only physical ways but emotional as well because in this issue we see Jace go up against his first dose of Batman crazy and it scares him..... and he doesn't know what to do about it. This is a grand step in differentiating Jace from Bruce Wayne in that we're so used to the Bat-God aspect of our Caped Crusader that when we see Jace's reaction to this development in this, we see a man who might have bit off more than he can chew.

Because of this feeling though, our hero has to overcome and think about how he's going to tackle being Batman going forward because, in this moment of doubt, someone else is killed and if that wasn't enough to weigh a bit of guilt on someone, this new killer was inspired by Batman to help our vigilante take out the garbage of New York..... and boy, that's a whole other level to this comic in will Jace be someone who can look the other way when pieces of garbage are killed off or will he fight for everyone?  

All in all, this is a really interesting issue with excellent art and my only complaint is that I wanted more Jace Fox overall, but that's not much of a complaint since John Ridley is using his page space to continue to expand the side characters of this book and give us background and motivations to Jace's supporting cast, which includes his family, friends and even the NYPD..... Still wanted more Jace though. That being said, the Jace we did get was really interesting because I never expected our hero to act the way he did but it will lead to some great drama going forward in seeing how Jace will pick himself back up and face something he's never faced before. True evil.  

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Bits and Pieces:

I Am Batman continues to be a great series that it feels like too many people are sleeping on because beyond someone else just taking up the Batman mantle, we see some real growth in the character in that we see his flaws in this issue and it's a real standout in superhero storytelling. The art in this issue is great and if you haven't started reading this series yet, his transition to New York City is a great place to start.


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