Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Flashpoint Beyond #1 Review

Flashpoint: The Extended Cut

Written by: Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan
Art by: Xermánico, Mikel Janín
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jordie Bellaire
Letters by: Rob Leigh
Cover art by: Mitch Gerads
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: May 3, 2022

Flashpoint Beyond #1 follows Thomas Wayne to Britain as the Atlantean/Amazonian War reaches a boiling point, and only Aquaman has the answers to Barry Allen's assassination.

Was It Good?

True to the title, Flashpoint Beyond #1 continues the Flashpoint timeline beyond its original conclusion. Thomas Wayne is aware of the paradox, and this entire issue focuses on his quest to undo Flashpoint again. We see a higher escalation of the Atlantean/Amazonian war. We get to see familiar faces in alternate roles or see (or read about). And, the mystery surrounding the Flashpoint timeline's return deepens... although it seems increasingly likely Thawne had something to do with it.

This is all well and good, but the big question is "Why?". Why would somebody go to the trouble of recreating the Flashpoint timeline? More importantly, why is DC revisiting Flashpoint to continue the story when it is eventually erased... again? That's not to say you can't have stories that explore discarded ideas judged to have more merit in hindsight, but this issue (much like the series itself) feels like filler.

Perhaps I'm judging the issue too harshly. The art is outstanding. It's cool to see what happens when the Flashpoint versions of Wonder Woman and Aquaman have a one-on-one confrontation. And the center of "why" truly is a mystery, with more clues, dropped in this issue to escalate suspicion created in issue #0. The pacing is excellent, and there are a few amusing moments related to Penguin and Dexter (Dent's now-orphaned son).

The only thing missing is a reason to care beyond the novelty. As Thomas Wayne says in this issue: "Nothing matters here".

Bits and Pieces:

Flashpoint Beyond #1 does an excellent job continuing the Flashpoint timeline when Barry Allen's assassination forces Thomas Wayne to seek answers amid a blossoming war between Atlantis and the Amazons. The dialog, pacing, plot developments, and art were executed beautifully. That said, the novelty of this story is wearing thin.


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