Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Teen Titans Academy #15 Review

School's Out Forever

Written By: Tim Sheridan
Art By: Tom Derenick, Peter Pantazis, Matt Herms, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 24, 2022

It's the finale to the Teen Titans Academy where we spent what felt like most of this series trying to figure out who Red X was, only to be duped by a new Red X and still got nothing of the true mystery. On top of that, we got a slew of new characters that were barely defined and ultimately a series that felt like it just fell flat in what it was trying to do. In our previous issue, we saw our Young Justice Dark characters get a distress call that Shazam was in trouble, which led our characters to Apokolips to try a rescue attempt, while Raven tried to figure out how to separate Cyborg and Changeling from one another. Yeah, it's been weird but let's see if this finale can give us any sort of satisfaction.

So for this story, like many in this series, we're pretty much filling up the page space, while cracking jokes along the way, while never really doing anything to give us a complete story. Why was Billy taken to Apokolips...... who knows. What's up with Red X? Well, there's nothing about him here so it doesn't matter and ultimately we put Cyborg and Changeling together to save them, but we don't have time to do anything with that so Raven just magically gives us an illusion that they're separate, while technically they're still together. As for Chupacabra and his long lost uncle Jorge, which was a strange tribute to George Perez, that Uncle just leaves Diego while we learn that Diego now has wings...

This finale is so strange in that it doesn't want to do any real heavy lifting and the idea of putting the toys back in the toy box so someone else can use these characters later on, is done in such an odd way that I doubt that anything that was brought up in this series will ever be talked about again... Hell, we spent the entire series trying to figure out who Matt Price is, and in this issue, he gets Omega Beam powers, but doing any kind of explanation is too much so we'll just leave that lie and move to the idea that Titans Tower is rebuilt and even though a bunch of kids died in this series, the Titans are going to bring in more kids to put in danger and it just feels really, really weird.

All in all, like the majority of this series, the art is excellent all the way through and has always been a highlight of the Teen Titans Academy. The story, on the other hand, has always been its hindrance and like previously, this issue is no exception where it just wants to feature characters and ideas but does nothing to make them worthwhile or in some cases has them not make sense at all. 

The biggest thing you'll get out of this issue is Chupacabra getting wings and with everything that this series has started and not finished, that's of little consolation. Hopefully, with this series being over we can get some proper Titans books coming forward because while I love a lot of the characters that have been involved in this series, I definitely want to see them with more to do overall...... and in a book that feels like it matters.

Bits and Pieces:

While you will get some excellent art and colors in this book, that's about all I can say that I enjoyed in this final issue of Teen Titans Academy. The stories end without ever really going everywhere and even the concept of leaving characters how you found them so others can use them later on became convoluted in this finale, where nothing really feels like it ends well and silly jokes make up the majority of the thought put behind this book.



  1. This has got to be the worst TT run ever!

    1. Yeah and it's a shame too because when it was originally announced I was really excited for the concept