Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Titans United: Bloodpact #1 Review



Written by: Cavan Scott
Art by: Lucas Meyer
 Colors by: Tony Aviña
Letters by: Carlos M. Mangual
Cover art by: Eddy Barrows, Marcel Maiolo
Cover price: $3.99

Release date: September 20, 2022
Titans United: Bloodpact #1 pits the Titans against the Fearsome Five during a museum robbery. When the FF's benefactor for their late-night museum withdrawal is revealed to be Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, a simple heist turns the world upside down.

Is It Good?

Titans United: Bloodpact #1 is okay. There's nothing terrible about it, and there's nothing particularly outstanding or memorable about it. This issue is a solid, standard, run-of-the-mill start to a Titans adventure.

It may sound like I'm not enthusiastic about this issue, and that's because I was expecting to be grabbed by the story. I wasn't. In truth, all the technical piece parts are there, but there's nothing particularly fresh or unexpected to intrigue you. Your mileage may vary.

The plot centers around a battle between the Titans and the Fearsome Five after the latter attempt to steal a special jewel from the local museum. The FF attempt the heist as nothing more than a paid job. The Titans beat the FF and secure the jewel. When all is well, Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem show up to reveal they paid the FF to get the jewel for a special ritual. Raven arrives late to the party and gets caught up in the ritual, which results in the Titans and the FF waking up in a dystopian, parallel Earth.

Scott's plotting and pacing are good, the dialog is a little ham-fisted but not overly so, and Meyer's art is excellent.

Again, all the fundamentals are in place. What the issue lacks is any sort of wow factor or hook to grab you. It's a standard start to a standard story, and that's all there is to it.


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Bits and Pieces:

Titans United: Bloodpact #1 is a standard, vanilla, standard Titans adventure with magic, battles, and a parallel Earth twist. The technical execution in the writing is solid, and the art is great, but the story isn't terribly original and lacks an intriguing hook.




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