Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 Review

Getting Wrecked

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sanchez, Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: October 4, 2022

The Crisis continues and like most events at DC Comics, it's always the darkest before the dawn, and goddamn have things gotten dark. Things look like they couldn't get any worse as the heroes scramble to put out the fires of the Secret Society around the world and even Black Adam's gambit to get the Legion of Doom on his side so that they could take their combined power to Deathstroke's face went sideways as we got the awesome Legion of Doom Vs. Secret Society battle. Yeah, that went horribly wrong as the Legion of Doom were infected by the Darkness as well and became more pawns under Deathstroke and ultimately the Great Darkness' control. Let's jump into this issue and see if our heroes can do anything to fight this darkness back or if they too become just puppets for the evil that's spreading across the Multiverse. Let's check it out.

Once again Black Adam escapes certain doom at the hands of the Great Darkness only for him to return to the heroes and tell them that they're all doomed and that they're all shit and nothing that they can do will win the day. Obviously, this doesn't work for characters like Nightwing who have decided to step up and finally lead the heroes in a world where the Justice League are dead, and with that, we see what heroes we have left band together to take on Deathstroke, the Secret Society, and the Legion of Doom with their darkness infection and because putting the League back together never really played out in this event, it's Titans Together.

Speaking of the Justice League, they're getting themselves out of their dream worlds, but it seems that there's a larger price to them actually escaping and going back to Earth to continue the fight and it looks like things might not turn out so well for everyone else because while it looked like the Justice League may actually come back to save their Earth, it looks like an exhausted Titans will have to take on the very threat that took the Justice League down in the first place.

All in all, I just want to say that you'll probably want to read Dark Crisis: Deadly Green before this issue because it seems to be a big deal to Jon Kent in this, but he doesn't really talk about what he discovered. As for this story though, it still feels like our entire buildup to where we finally get here was a really extended bunch of nothing and it's only now that you can see the events that would actually make this event and an actual Crisis. Even with that though, we really just see the Justice League easily getting out of their dream worlds and while there is a twist that I look forward to, this element doesn't add a wow-ness that I was looking for, and the rest of our heroes fighting a fight that we've already seen, even while it adds that undefeatable hope aspect that you love to see, doesn't do much for me overall until our cliffhanger, where shit finally gets real. Ultimately though, we have a book that looks great, some insurmountable odds that our heroes have to fight against in a book that still feels convoluted in what it's trying to do and is struggling to find a reason to call this a Crisis.  

Bits and Pieces:

While you do get a little bit more about Pariah's goals and the feeling that we're finally in a Crisis, it comes off as a lot of repeat of what we've already dealt with for the majority of the book. Yeah, we get a great cliffhanger and some excellent art but ultimately I felt that there wasn't much new to this new issue.

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