Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Nightwing #97 Review


Ric Rolled

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo, Geraldo Borges, Caio Felipe, Adriano Lucas & Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 18, 2022

Oh, Nightwing #97, are you trying to give people flashbacks?!?  

I have been complaining about the pace of this series for quite some time now, but I still like Dick Grayson being a good guy, and Tom Taylor gives readers that in spades!  I hope that as we get closer and closer to issue #100, we finish up with Heartless or at least make him more interesting.  The guy has been hanging in the background for a year,  and I don't know if I care.  Let's see if that changes this month...

Nightwing #97 opens with a shit-talking Maroni thinking he can do whatever he wants because Blockbuster has his back.  Unfortunatley, Desmond is lying on his back...in the morgue!  If you thought Nightwing would be happy that Blockbuster is dead, you'd be wrong...dead wrong.  (Sorry about that one).  The murder sets up a power vacuum in Bloodhaven, and unless you've been reading the solicits, you can have fun guessing who might show up to fill it.

The issue continues with Maroni agreeing to testify against the crime families and Rene Montoya showing up to escort him to Gotham to keep him safe.  Yea, Taylor addresses how silly that is in the book but also tries to explain it in an eye-rolling way.  But it's just to set up the action in the rest of the issue.

Of course, things don't go as planned, and Dick and Babs call an audible at the line.  It's a quick but odd sequence to get Maroni to a hidden Batman safe house where they can tie him up and then make sweet love.  Maroni is tranqed, so it's not as weird as it seems.  It still is kinda weird, though.

The issue ends with one o the craziest cliffhangers ever.  I mean it!  It doesn't save another issue with so little overall progress  (no Heartless at all?!?), but it has me excited for the next issue!  Bruno Redondo and Geraldo Borges make everything look fantastic, but this book has looked good since Taylor and Redondo took over.

Bits and Pieces:

Nightwing #97 is an odd issue.  After the last issue's shocking cliffhanger, I expected something more significant than what we got here.  Still, the cliffhanger will undoubtedly have fans talking, and I can't wait to see how Tom Taylor explains what is going on.



  1. I wanted to post this comment about last issue but you guys didn't review last issue so here it is now. First of all when Blockbuster was threatening Nightwing and all his loved ones did anyone else feel deja vu from when he made an almost identical threat before getting killed back in issue 93 of the old Nightwing series? Atleast he didn't get raped by Tarantula this time. So I guess most of Devin Grayson's run is no longer canon. And how much of the pre-Taylor run is canon for that matter since Blockbuster wasn't even mentioned during the whole Ric Grayson run and the Rebirth era Blockbuster seemed to have a code of honor unlike this version so I have to assume those issues were all for nothing.

    1. It's funny you bring up Devin Grayson since right now the is a lot of talk of her with the issue #100 coming up. It's a wonky sliding continuity going on with Taylor's run - he mentioned being a cop in Bludhaven at the beginning of the run and things seem like they are being repeated a bit or even rewritten.

  2. Nightwing #97 encapsulates a thrilling narrative, weaving together gripping action sequences and profound character development. As Dick Grayson navigates his dual life, the issue intricately explores his resilience and depth, offering readers a glimpse into his unwavering determination. The artistry beautifully complements the storytelling, enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative and bringing the Nightwing universe to life with vivid vibrancy. With its compelling storyline and stunning visuals, this issue sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead, leaving fans eager for what's next in Nightwing's gripping saga.