Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Batman #130 Video Review - The Batgod in Full Effect!



Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: December 7, 2022

I am a huge Chip Zdarsky fan, but while I have enjoyed his Batman run so far, he may have gone a little too far this time.  Check out my Batman #130 Video Review and find out what he did...

Bits and Pieces:

Batman #130 has a full appearance of the Batgod and if that's not your thing, get ready to roll your eyes a lot.  I think a lot of what we're seeing in Chip Zdarsky having fun in a Grant Morrison way, but he may have taken it all a bit too far.  The issue looks fantastic thanks to Jimnez's art and this is the book to get some good Tim Drake.



  1. I don't like Zdarsky's run and this issue was just laughable. Those first pages are cringeworthy and the villains has been done so many times. I liked the backup but that's not enough to save the book, I would rate it at 4, 4.5 if I want to be nice. And I don't want to be nice with Zdarsky's Batman so a 4 it is.

    1. lol! I think he is playing a game here and from seeing most reactions, it's failing