Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Batman / Spawn #1 Review



Written by: Todd McFarlane
Art by: Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane
Colors by: Dave McCaig
Letters by: Tom Napolitano
Cover art by: Everyone DC can find
Cover price: $6.99
Release date: December 13, 2022

Batman/ Spawn #1 finds the Cape Crusader and the Hellspawn on opposite sides of a fight when the Court of Owls present both men with an opportunity to save their respective loved ones on the Anniversary of their deaths.

Is It Good?

"Huh? The Waynes and Wanda didn't die on the same.." Hush! I know, I know. It doesn't make sense until McFarlane explains it, and even then, it doesn't make complete sense. Still, kudos to Todd McFarlane for swinging for the fences with creativity.

In the long overdue reunion between Batman and Spawn in Batman / Spawn #1, the Court of Owls hatch a plan to bring the two heroes together in the same universe on the same day with a curious set of lies and time manipulation. If Spawn kills Batman, he's told, he can save his wife's soul. If Batman defeats Spawn, he can save his mother's soul from the dark void of oblivion. Eventually, the heroes figure out the ruse and team up to stop the Court's machinations before time runs out on the dimensional breach that brought them together.

Yes, that sounds weirdly convoluted, and in truth, you have to pay very close attention to the dialog and narration to make it all make sense. The Court believes Batman's death will pave the way for Gotham's takeover, so they needed a super-powered individual with no qualms about killing to get the job done. Why Spawn? It's never explained until you get to the last page, and only then, Spawn's selection as Batman's killer is something you have to figure out by reading between the lines.

Once the heroes team up, more characters, including Joker and Talon, arrive to get in on the action.

Is Batman / Spawn #1 a great story? The jury's still out after just one issue. The convoluted setup takes a tiring amount of focus to keep straight, but the plot is creative, and the cliffhanger ending promises a more extensive plan is in play.

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Let's be honest. A good chunk of people who buy this comic is in it for the art.

So, how is art? It's gorgeous. Capullo and McFarlane can do no wrong with their eye-popping mix of gritty power and whimsical flair. Capes flow with a life of their own. The character faces express emotion, particularly anger, better than most human actors. And the action crackles with power. This comic is worth the cover price on art alone.

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Bits and Pieces

Batman / Spawn #1 is a surprisingly creative story about a plan by the Court of Owls to trick Batman and Spawn into killing one another. While creative, the plan takes a couple of read-thrus to figure out, so some readers may need help with it. That said, the art is simply stunning, so if you don't enjoy the story, you'll probably love the art.



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