Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Flash #790 Review

Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Roger Cruz, Matt Banning, Wellington Dias
Colors by: Luis Guerrero
Letters by: Rob Leigh
Cover art by: Taurin Clarke
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: January 10, 2023

The Flash #790 marks the start of the One-Minute War saga with an alien invasion that hits with the power of an asteroid, but nobody knows it's happening - unless you're a speedster.

Is It Good?
The Flash #790 is a solid start for a new arc and a speedster-centric mini-event. Jeremy Adams delivers a respectable setup issue that gives new readers a jumping-on point to tell you what DC's Flash-adjacent heroes are up to. The alien threat establishes high stakes with big potential in the blink of an eye.

In fairness, The Flash #790 is set up to let you know where the characters are and what they're doing now. The meat of the conflict doesn't come into play until the final pages, so while this issue is a solid jumping-on point for new readers to get acclimated to the Flash family, there's not a lot of new material for new readers.

The heart of the war is an invasion by an alien race known as The Fraction. There's no specific reason for attacking Earth other than a desire by The Fraction to expand their territory. However, The Fraction's method for the attack is unique in that they either attack at super speed or slow down time on the world they invade. It's never clarified which, but everyone appears frozen, and only speedsters can move and react to what's happening. In short order, the mystery behind the title One-Minute War is made clear, so expect the action to kick in with the next issue.

As you can see from the credits above, a small group of artists worked on this issue. Typically, multiple hands are a red flag for potential art inconsistency, but thankfully, the art team transitions are seamless. The lines look great, the impact of The Fraction's first attack hits hard, and Guerrero's coloring work is excellent.

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Bits and Pieces:

The Flash #790 is a solid kickoff story that brings up readers up to speed (*heh*) on all the Flash-related characters just in time for a massive alien invasion. The stakes are huge, the alien threat is immediately overwhelming, and the art looks great. That said, this issue is mostly a setup issue to establish who's who and what's what, so current Flash readers won't get much out of this issue until the last few pages.




  1. So Bart acknowledged his history as Kid Flash even though we've seen flashbacks of him being Impulse during the era when he was supposed to be Kid Flash. And were Iris and Barry retroactively never married? And she implied that they never had kids. Doesn't that completely change Impulse's backstory? I mean his origin is kinda predicated on them having twins and one of them having a son and Iris coming back from the future to cure Bart after she was believedto be dead for years. Did none of that happen?

  2. For that matter does Iris not remember Bart? If she did she'd know she and Barry would eventually have kids even if her whole death and return from the future with Bart never happened.

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