Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Green Arrow #1 Review


Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Sean Izaakse
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: April 25, 2023

Green Arrow #1 finds Connor and Roy on the hunt for Ollie, whoever made it back from Dark Crisis, after Mr. Terrific tells them Ollie's return trip was hijacked. What other surprises await Roy and Connor on their hunt for the missing archer?
Is It Good? 

Well, well, well. Green Arrow #1 is a pleasant surprise. It's not a surprise that it's here (we knew it was coming, of course), but it's a surprise how quickly it sets up a new arc and delivers plenty of action, surprises, and emotion.

When last we left Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, he got smashed like a bug by the Dark Army during the Dark Crisis event. When the event ended, all the dead heroes were resurrected and supposedly returned from whence they came, except Ollie didn't make it back. Now, we learn through Mr. Terrific's super smarts that Ollie's return trip was hijacked, and he definitely isn't in Kansas anymore. Roy, Dinah, and Connor follow a lead to Gotham where their hunt leads to a heartwarming/heartbreaking discovery.

Without spoiling it, Roy encounters another character he thought was dead and hasn't seen in years. It's a tearjerker of a scene, in a good way, so the issue immediately earns bonus points for chopping onions in front of my big, fat, stupid face.

That said, Williamson doesn't go all in on just tugging at your heartstrings. There are plenty of high-flying archer acrobatics, sweet martial arts moves, and a few snarky quips to keep the mood entertaining.

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Williamson's pacing is brisk, the dialog is on-point for all characters involved, and the plot has some wacky developments that instantly get your curiosity engine running.

To be fair, the issue isn't all perfect. There's an action moment with Black Canary where she dismounts her bike and stops a speeding van while she's standing still, and the choreography doesn't quite make sense. The pacing is, at times, a little too speedy (*heh*). And more time is spent on the folks looking for Ollie rather than with Ollie.

Does that mean Ollie really is alive? Yes, he is, but where or when he is is anyone's guess.

Along with Williamson's super-strong start in this limited series is Sean Izaakse's super-strong art. The acrobatic action scenes look amazing. Roy gets a slight costume upgrade that some readers will like. And the setting for Ollie's current location is certainly creative.

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Bits and Pieces:

Green Arrow #1 is a super-strong start to the Emerald Archer's latest adventure with fast-paced action and hard-hitting emotional beats surrounding a Grade A mystery. Green Arrow fans will like this issue a lot.


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