Saturday, May 6, 2023

FCBD 2023: Dawn of DC - Knight Terrors #1 Review


Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Chris Bachalo, Howard Porter
Cover Price: Free
Release Date: May 6, 2023

Knight Terrors (with a k) is fast approaching, and I know I am not the only one nervous about getting another DC Event, especially from Joshua Williamson.  It makes sense that it's happening in July and August, the spookiest months of the Year, but it's also happening when DC Comics should be ramping up the hype around its dawn of dc initiative, not put a 2-month halt to it.  I hope it doesn't end up being a jumping-off point for people because I have been enjoying some of the new Dawn of DC stuff so far.

With that said, FCBD gave readers their first glimpse at Knight Terrors, and while it's just a little preview, it's not bad… but I'm not sure there is enough here to change your mind either way about the upcoming event.  But let's see what it's all about…

This preview is all about Damian Wayne, and that's a cool play - the little guy has been through a lot in the past 3 years, and the story plays on that.  After he and Batman take down Firefly and Killer Moth, he heads to bed and does what everyone does - use his dreams to process the day's events.  This would have worked with only a few characters, but it works with Damian.  Fans that hate him will likely think of this as him being a try-hard, miserable brat who can never relax, while those who love him will … well, they'll feel the same thing, but that's kind of why they love him!  For all the things I believe Joshua Williamson has flubbed at DC, I think he is one of the few writers who get Damian.  He has avoided the usual surface-level stuff that many writers hinge on and developed and evolved the character.

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Back to the story, Damian quickly realizes that his dream is a little different than usual but is trying to figure out what is going on - he is on Lazarus Island.  He thinks he is reminding himself to get a hold of Connor Hawk and Flatline, and seeing Batman and Talia, he takes that as him wishing his parents could work things out and be together.  Then things go sideways…

While I would think that his mind would quickly rundown who could be attacking him in his dreams, he does realize that this isn't his dream, and, in fact, it appears to be a collective dream of various heroes and villains.  While that's happening, an omnipotent voice taunts him and tells him that Batman and his friends are the real monsters hiding something from them.  It's a cool mystery to set up the overall story, but we must wait and see how that progresses.

The issue continues with Damain waking up and telling Batman what just happened.  I'll be honest, I thought the dialogue here from both Damian and Batman was off… until we see that the dream never ended!  It's that call coming from inside the house kind of moment that does elevate things a bit.

Finally, Damian can will himself awake, and the preview ends with Batman wanting his son to relax a little and Damian saying it was just a dream.  Like the brat he is!  Just as a side note, I love Damian.

As I said earlier, there isn't enough here to convince those who already wrote off Knight Terrors or even those who are on the fence about it.  However, it shouldn't discourage anyone, either.  It looks fantastic, thanks to Bachallo and Porter, and for someone like me, who is already committed to reading and reviewing every damn issue of the event (It's my lot in life), I still have the same opinion - I think interested people should check out the main event book and then if they like it, add some of the tie-ins by writers you like and trust.

Bits and Pieces:

FCBD 2023: Dawn of DC - Knight Terrors #1 might not change anyone's mind on whether they will fully participate in this summer's event, but it shouldn't discourage anyone either.  It looks great and sets up the seeds of the story, and that's what I expect from an FCBD preview.


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