Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Green Lantern #1 Video Review


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  1. Yeah, it seems like DC has finally decided to start listening to its actual fans. Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Shazam, Titans, Cyborg. My one regret is we won't have a Hawkman book, there is an upcoming Hawkgirl book but after I've searched the writer's twitter, let's just say I probably won't be into that lol. Hawk and Dove seem like two characters that might be interesting to also bring back, especially in these tumultuous times. Now the two mysteries for me are: when will we get a Justice League book and will we get a new writer on Batman? I haven't been a fan of Zdarksy's run, the only issue of his that I liked so far was the last one because of the massive fan-service. Batman is the only main character who hasn't had a shift in the creative team, King will take over Wonder Woman, Williamson took over Superman, The Flash will (unfortunately) go to Spurrier. So my hope is that someone else will pick up Batman, preferably a fan of the character, which Zdarsky isn't. And as for JL, we haven't had a good run since Johns' run.

    Otherwise you're spot on as usual, Hal's story was great and the backup was awful. Finally Hal is back in the spotlight! Adams did a good job with Wally, I hope he repeats that with Hal.