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Advance Review - Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1 Review



Written by: Josie Campbell
Art by: Juan Ferreyra
Colors by: Juan Ferreyra
Letters by: Pat Brosseau
Cover art by: Jae Lee, June Chung
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: July 18, 2023

Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1 follows Wonder Woman, Bobo, and Constantine into the depths of their collective nightmares as they search for the Justice League Dark in the Minotaur's Maze. Meanwhile, Nubia falls down a well.
Is It Good?

Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1 follows an increasingly long line of character-centric issues in the Knight Terrors event that only serves as a nightmare issue for the titular character without contributing to the main event. In other words, if you skip this issue, you don't miss any required reading for Knight Terrors.

Josie Campbell's story centers on Wonder Woman, Constantine, and Bobo, aka Detective Chimp, working their way through the Dream Realm to find the rest of the members of JL Dark. Putting the team together will give them the edge they need to escape. Along the way, the trio faces monsters, demons, hurtful memories, and more until the personification of demigods and monsters become too powerful to defeat.

What's great about this issue? Seeing the JL Dark get back together is usually a treat, even if it's only part of the team. Constantine and Bobo have an amusing dynamic. And the monstrous threats they encounter as they work through the Minotaur's Maze are impressively designed. Kudos to Juan Ferreyra on the creature designs.

What's not so great about this issue? In every Knight Terrors issue so far, the heroes recognize they're in a dream and have the will to push through it without fear of mortal danger. Here, Campbell puts lethal obstacles in front of the trio at every turn, so Campbell's take contradicts what every other writer is doing. Campbell then switches which character is creating which nightmare from their fears, frequently confusing who's responsible for which monster and why. Also, the pacing is a bit of a slog.

Overall, this isn't a terrible issue. The writing is clunky and inconsistent with the rest of the event, but it would work just fine as a standalone issue. That said, you can skip this one unless you're a Knight Terrors completionist.

Nubia and the Well of Horrors

This issue contains a Nubia backup from Stephanie Williams about Nubia falling into the Well of Souls after hearing strange voices calling for help. When Nubia reaches the bottom, she encounters Gaia, the god of Earth. Gaia appears to be corrupted and feeding on souls, preventing them from reaching the well.

It's unclear if this backup shows a nightmare, but it doesn't have anything to do with the Knight Terrors plot. At best, this backup is only here to give Nubia something to do.

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Bits and Pieces:

Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1 is another in a string of Knight Terrors tie-in comics that only serve as nightmare issues contributing to the main event. This issue is notable in that Campbell slightly changes the rules of what's happening, but not in a good way.


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