Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Detective Comics #1075 Review


Written by: Ram V
Art by: Francesco Francavilla
Colors by: Francesco Francavilla
Letters by: Ariana Maher
Cover art by: Evan Cagle (cover A)
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: October 24, 2023

Detective Comics #1075 finds Batman fighting the Azmer infection by visiting one location after another that holds emotional ties to Bruce Wayne.
Is Detective Comics #1075 Good?

 Detective Comics #1075 concludes the two-part mini-arc centering on Batman's desperate fight to stop the Azmer infection from taking over his mind. Ram V leads Batman to a predictable end, but it's the stories of the people around the hunt for Batman which keep this issue fresh.

When last we left Batman, his Azmer infection drove him to rampage over the city rooftops, locales, and abandoned haunts of Gotham in a seemingly random pattern. In reality, Batman visits places with personal significance, hoping the memories would be enough to keep him grounded against the Azmer's relentless assault.

Now, Fielding recounts why he's reluctant to use aggressive force in capturing Batman. In his earlier years as a cop, Batman saved fielding from a deadly dose of Scarecrow's fear toxin. Fielding and Nash follow Batman to his last stop, Alfred's grave, where Fielding learns the GCPD has a reputation for corruption with good reason.

What's great about Detective Comics #1075? If not for its tie into the main arc concerning the Orghams, this issue would make for a decent little one-shot telling a Batman story from a GCPD detective's point of view. When every tale comes from Batman's perspective, you don't always see how Batman's exploits affect Gotham citizens in different ways.

What's not so great about Detective Comics #1075? For Batman and the Orgham plot, very little happens. Batman reaches Alfred's grave, the Azmer overcomes him, and the Orghams come to collect. But for Fielding's personal experience and actions, almost nothing of note happens except for Batman losing his fight.

How's the art? Sadly, art is the big down point of this issue. Yes, Francesco Francavilla has a particular style that's an acquired taste, but here, that style looks downright rushed and sloppy, verging on amateurish. It's rare that the art is the big flaw in a Batman comic, but truly, I've seen indie comics that put in more effort.

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Bits and Pieces:

Detective Comics #1075 is a regrettable miss in an already struggling title. The highlight of Ram V's script is an interesting development concerning one of the GCPD detectives who owes his life to Batman. The low point is everything else, particularly Francavilla's rushed, sloppy art.


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