Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Cyborg #6 Review


Written by: Morgan Hampton
Art by: Travis Mercer, Bruno Abdias
Colors by: Michael Atiyeh
Letters by: Rob Leigh
Cover art by: Edwin Galmon
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: December 26, 2023

Cyborg #6 brings the soul-searching mini-series to a close as Cyborg faces off against Solace to protect the man who betrayed him and his father.
Is Cyborg #6 Good?

Well, if you're going to bring a superhero story to a close, you can't go too wrong with hard-hitting action, sacrifice, and tearful ending. You get all of the above in Cyborg #6 from Morgan Hampton.

When last we left Cyborg, the sentient memories of Markus took control of an android body to exact revenge against its maker for the pain of imprisonment and subjugation. Only Cyborg (carrying his father's consciousness in his circuits) stands in the android's way. Now, Cyborg fights the android, codenamed Solace, to stop it from killing Markus or anyone else. In the end, Cyborg and his father concoct a plan to fight brawn with brains, but the plan will require an act of sacrifice that can't be undone.

Cyborg fans may be wondering where this story sits in conjunction with the current Beast World crossover and the main Titans title. Cyborg #6 doesn't acknowledge Beast World and only briefly mentions the Titans as "unavailable" to help fight the A.I. uprising. In short, this miniseries is in continuity but isn't connected to anything else happening.

What's great about Cyborg #6? Hampton delivers a fast-paced, action-packed finale to end the miniseries. If you like your arcs to end with a bang, this finale is a decent capper.

What's not so great about Cyborg #6? The path to victory is an emotional one but mildly nonsensical. Victor warns Cyborg away from a physical fight because Solace is too cutting edge and powerful, but the father/son team wins by remotely hacking into Solace's mind to shut him down from the inside, a feat that should not be possible with cutting-edge tech. In effect, Hampton comes up with a clever solution that only works if Solace is composed of cheap electronics.

How's the art? Mercer and Abdias turn in a solid set of visuals with action that pops and eye-catching coloring work from Atiyeh.

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Bits and Pieces:

Cyborg #6 ends the miniseries with some character growth for our hero, strong emotional beats, and plenty of robot-fighting action. That said, the clever path to victory isn't so clever, so the final fight ends on a flat note.


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  1. Atleast it was an actual ending unlike most miniseries these days that end with a cliffhanger that just leads into the next miniseries.