Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Jay Garrick: The Flash #3 Review

Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Diego Olortegui
Colors by: Luis Guerrero
Letters by: Steve Wands
Cover art by: Jorge Corona
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: December 19, 2023

Jay Garrick: The Flash #3 recalls the JSA's first encounter with Dr. Elemental as a key link to Judy Garrick's original disappearance. Now, a visit to TerrificTech provides answers that lead to more questions.

Is Jay Garrick: The Flash #3 Good?

Of all the Golden Age minis out right now from DC, this one is leading the pack as a favorite. Why? Because Jeremy Adams spares no panel reminding readers that a world with superheroes can be cool. 

In Jay Garrick: The Flash #3, you get oodles of cool moments to make your geek heart happy. When last we left the Garrick Family, Judy's day at the Mall with Stargirl to catch up on the present timeline was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Robot Bear. Jay decided to follow his daughter from a comfortable distance, still fretting over being a new father (again), and leaped to the rescue to stop the Robot Bear.

 Now, Jay and Judy start to iron out their differences about trust and personal space. Mr. Terrific lends the services of TerrificTech to help Judy remember the face of Dr. Elemental, the supervillain who challenged the JSA in the past and removed Judy from the timeline in the first place. The answer leads to some disturbing questions.

 After only three issues, this series is working out to be the best of the three Golden Age minis because it brings those characters into the present (Judy Garrick), shows you why they're fun/interesting/cool, and wraps it all in an intriguing mystery with great art. Jeremy Adams understood the homework assignment and went for extra credit points. 

 What's great about Jay Garrick: The Flash #3? The entire issue crackles with a spirit of fun and adventure. Even when Jay and Judy bicker with each other over respecting boundaries, Adams puts a twist on the argument to make it exciting. The pacing, dialog, and purposeful direction of the plot are on point, and Adams's mystery surrounding Dr. Elemental is pitch-perfect. 

 What's not so great about Jay Garrick: The Flash #3? There's not a blessed thing to pick on in this comic beyond a minor nitpick or two. If every DC comic held to this caliber of storytelling, DC would be in a much better place. 

 How's the art? This is the first run where I've been exposed to Diego Olortegui's art, and it's really growing on me. Ortegui has a knack for dynamic panels and vibrant action to give every panel a cool factor.

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Bits and Pieces:

Jay Garrick: The Flash #3 continues to impress with lots of cool action, fun character moments, and a captivating mystery. Jeremy Adams has elevated this title to the strongest of the three Golden Age mini-series, and Ortegui's art is a crowd-pleaser.


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