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Action Comics #1061 Review



Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: John Timms
Colors by: Rex Lokus
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Cover art by: John Timms (cover A)
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: January 9, 2024

Action Comics #1061 brings the Bizarro from Earth-29 to Metropolis after he makes a stop at the planet Zerox for a magical upgrade.
Is Action Comics #1061 Good?

Action Comics #1061 marks the inaugural issue for Jason Aaron's assumption of the title, starting with a Bizarro arc that gives the Man of Steel a citywide problem he can't simply punch away. For his part, Aaron ticks all the right boxes with familiar character voices, familiar action, and familiar settings, but new readers may find the plot a little too familiar.

Aaron's take on the Man of Steel begins with a typical day in Metropolis when he receives a report that a Bizarro is incoming from deep space. Through flashbacks, we learn Bizarro previously visited the wizarding world of Zerox, where attempts to stop Bizarro resulted in a lot of death, and a Bizarro upgraded with the ability to cast magical spells.

Now, Bizarro arrives on Earth, lamenting the loss of his home (Earth-29). Superman tries to stop Bizarro when the latter casts a massive spell in the sky. Superman believes he sees Bizarro disintegrated within this spell, but we learn the backward doppelganger succeeded in turning all of Metropolis into Bizarro's version of themselves.

"Wait! What? Hasn't Bizarro tried to convert Metropolis and its citizens into a version of his home more than once?" you might recall. Yep, you could go all the way back to Superman: TAS to find some version of the plot synopsis, and if you dig further back, Bizarro's attempts at "colonization" are one of his common tactics.

What's great about Action Comics #1061? Still, Aaron delivers a true blue action-packed Superman comic. Aaron's pacing, dialog, narration, and action development are on point, with plenty of vim, vinegar, and energy. As a plus, giving Bizarro a magic-based upgrade feels original.

What's not so great about Action Comics #1061? Barring Bizarro's magic upgrade, the plot feels unoriginal. Admittedly, this is the first issue in Aaron's run, so perhaps we'll see something exciting in the following issues, but for now, the reaction is, "O! We're doing this again?"

How's the art? John Timms nails it. Timms's figure work, action choreography, and panel work are top-notch. There's no complaint about the art.

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Bits and Pieces:

Action Comics #1061 marks Jason Aaron's first run at the title with a tried and true Superman adventure, albeit with a "been there, done that" plot. Aaron delivers an exciting, action-packed first issue, and Timms's art looks fantastic. I just wish the plot didn't feel so much like something that's been done before.


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