Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville #5 Review


Written by: Joanne Starer
Art by: Natacha Bustos
Colors by: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by: Ariana Maher
Cover art by: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: January 2, 2024

Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville #5 devolves into chaos when the Salon burns down and a demon turns the townspeople into flesh-eating puppets.
Is Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville #5 Good?

"Huh? What? When did all that happen?" you'd probably ask yourself. Well, pull up a chair, my fine feathered friend, and just know I don't have any answers. Apparently, neither does Joanne Starer or anyone else who worked on Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville #5 because this comic is a mess.

When last we left Fire and Ice, Fire threw a tantrum (again) and decided to wander off with Lobo for a quick hookup. Ice fended off Rocky's increasingly aggressive advances after attending a brunch with Martha Kent in Smallville's only Drag Show club. Finally, Tam hooked up with Honey.

Which brings us back to where this ill-fated mini-series started. Tam wakes up to find the Salon in flames, although there's no indication of who started it or why. Rocky's brother gets a lecture about not being more accommodating to Minka's attempt to rob him. Ice figures out a demon named Crave is in Smallville to get her while Rocky unleashes a plant plague when she comes under the control of a cursed mask from a walking island.

There's more. So much more. Bad, nonsensical jokes, plot developments that come out of nowhere, and weird character moments abound. Truly, I couldn't tell you for sure if this comic has a plot other than "weird things happen at random."

Normally, this is the part where I give you the pros and cons of a comic, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's right for you. In this case, I can't. I can't think of a single redeemable quality about this comic that makes it worth reading, but that's just me. If you like this book and want to tell me why, I am all ears and would love to hear from you in the comments below. Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville #5 is chaotic, irritating noise from start to finish.

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Bits and Pieces:

Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville #5 is an abysmal, painfully terrible comic from cover to cover. The mediocre art can't cover up for the bad humor, nonsensical plot developments, and a complete lack of storytelling skills.



  1. At least this series has good cover artwork...but I'll take your word (and the word of others) for it that the comic itself isn't worthwhile.

  2. I don't mind it. Just don't think the YA art goes well with how dark the story actually is. They are attempting to channel Giffen here but do not have his plotting talent to back up the rough ideas. .. Mind you a lot of people hated Giffen and DM's writing anyway so that won't help them. Its more of a 5 than a 2. At least its better than the trash storm that was Hawkgirl.

  3. Joanne Starer's Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville #5 introduces chaos with a salon fire and demonic twist, transforming townspeople into flesh-eating puppets. The story loses direction, leaving readers confused and questioning the narrative. truck accidents lawyer