Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Power Girl #5 Review


Written by: Leah Williams
Art by: David Baldeón
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters by: Becca Carey
Cover art by: Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: January 23, 2024

Power Girl #5 takes the day off for a Streaky the Cat adventure where he saves neighborhood pets and strays from a mysterious lab.
Is Power Girl #5 Good?

This is the issue. When concerns were raised about Leah Williams coming to DC from Marvel, the thought was that all the terrible writing on titles such as the X-Terminators would follow. So far, Power Girl has had its problems, but nothing as bad as Williams's time at Marvel. Power Girl #5 may be the shoe you've been waiting to drop.

When last we left Power Girl, she managed to free herself from the Symbio-Ships infection/possession with a little help from Superman, losing an eye in the fight. When all seemed right with the world, we got a peek at a fragment of the Symbio-Ship taking over and merging Kelex with the corpse of the dead Kryptonian lion to form an impressive-looking techno-organic Lion-cyborg-beast monster.

Now, we stop every ounce of anticipation and momentum coming out of that cliffhanger for Streaky the Cat to break up a pet/stray animal kidnapping ring. The kidnappers bring the animals to a scientist conducting mysterious experiments for some unknown purpose. We never learn what the kidnappers and scientist are doing because Streaky hears human speech as gibberish, which means this is a pseudo-silent issue about a super cat.

And that's it.

Do we see the Cyber-Lion monster? Nope, not even a hint.

Is there any warning or suggestion that something is wrong with Kelex? Nope, not in the slightest.

Does the ending at least suggest we'll get back to where the last issue left off? Nope. Kara shows up at the end to ask Power Girl for help on a mission, but there's no indication the mission has anything to do with the last issue's cliffhanger.

What's great about Power Girl #5? All credit goes to Baldeón and Fajardo Jr's art for doing their level best to communicate a largely silent story through the art. Silent issues can be a treasure or trash if the art team doesn't pull it off, so it's fair to say the art team pulled it off here.

What's not so great about Power Girl #5? The fifth issue is the wrong time and place for a cooldown issue, for a cooldown issue that's a silent issue, or for a cooldown issue that's a silent issue starring the titular character's cat. What was Williams thinking?!?

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Bits and Pieces:

Power Girl #5 makes little sense as a cooldown, silent issue that focuses on Power Girl's cat. Williams did her best to build up the Symbio-Ship's return as a defining moment for Power Girl with an intriguing cliffhanger at the end of the last issue, only to dispose of every ounce of momentum and intrigue for no benefit. This issue is a waste.



  1. Leah Williams has had various issues with this Power Girl series, even the backups has faults. However, a cat focused issue with gibberish and the most feigned character in this series Omen is continuing this disaster of a Power Girl relaunch. I’m beginning to question if Leah Williams even wanted to write Power Girl along because this is a pseudo Supergirl feat Omen book at this point.

  2. My store forgot to put this in my pulls so I grabbed it off the shelf because I had not been hating it till this point. They did me a favour forgetting. WTF. Nothing is more useless than a comic you can skim through in 30 seconds because there is nothing to read and what is told in art could have been a two page filler in an anthology series. With conversion and tax I paid $5.60 for this pile of crap.
    First off what the hell does Streaky have to do with Power Girl, isn't that Supergirl's Cat? I remember Karen's cat being an asshole of an alley cat did a different writer retcon this?. Also I still think changing her name was pointless and dumb. At this point her booking is as bad as renaming Chavo Guerrero Kerwin White. She came off better in One-Star Squadron.

  3. With this Power Girl series, Leah Williams has experienced a number of problems; even the backups have flaws. However, Omen is carrying on this disastrous Power Girl relaunch with a cat-focused problem filled with nonsense and the most faked character in the series.
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