Thursday, February 15, 2024

Green Lantern #8 Review


Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Amancay Nahuelpan
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Cover art by: Steve Beach
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: February 13, 2024

Green Lantern #8 sends Razer to Hal Jordan to warn that Lantern batteries across the galaxy are destroyed, so he searches for a little magical help from Madame Xanadu.
Is Green Lantern #8 Good?

Let's cut to the chase. Green Lantern #8 is better. I'm not blown away, but Jeremy Adams finally brings clarity and focus to the arc, so you get the impression the series now has a destination with stakes. The previous seven issues weren't bad, by any stretch, but they lacked momentum. Now, we have momentum.

When we last left Hal Jordan, we got an issue-long flashback to the events surrounding Kilowog's death during a diplomatic mission to New Korugar. The issue ended with Hal receiving a visit from former Red Lantern Razer.

In Green Lantern #8, Razer explains he came to Earth seeking help when unknown forces started destroying the emotional spectrum batteries across the galaxy, including the Blue Lantern on Razer's home of Odym. Despite his best efforts and Razer's condescending goading, Hal still can't escape Earth's atmosphere to get word to the United Planets that the spectrum is under attack.

Hal and Razer pay a visit to Madame Xanadu, who informs Hal he needs to go back to the spot where his new ring felt a powerful charge of Green since magic can't break through the United Planets quarantine barrier. During the visit, three lanterns arrive to capture Razer for violating the quarantine, and the lanterns curiously demonstrate they're able to wield multiple spectrum color powers. During the ensuing scuffle, Razer is captured, but Hal escapes to seek out the source of the Green power Madame Xanadu mentioned.

When you put it all together, the story's interest level jumps significantly. The United Planets are confirmed as fishy, the question surrounding the origin of Hal's new ring is on the path to getting answered, and the stakes are established with the assault on the spectrum batteries. It's been a long road to get here, but Adams's story feels like it found its footing.

What's great about Green Lantern #8? At the risk of sounding redundant, Adams's plot is coming into focus with a satisfying series of developments. When you have the galaxy's greatest Lantern hamstrung at every turn, it's exciting to see a possible path back to greatness. Of course, all the basics are in place, including pacing, plotting, and dialog, but what matters most is for Adams to deliver on the promise of the premise, and this issue gives readers a hint that the delivery is happening.

What's not so great about Green Lantern #8? Madame Xanadu is underutilized in this issue. Yes, she provides a magical word of advice to send Hal on his way, but when the U.P. Lanterns attack, she's powerful enough to lend a hand instead of suddenly sitting back.

How's the art? Overall, Nahuelpan's art style is super solid. You pick up a Green Lantern comic for ring-slinging, so you're in luck with a fair amount of hard hits, imaginative constructs, and engaging displays of power.

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Bits and Pieces:

Green Lantern #8 is the issue we've been waiting for in Adams's tenure on the series as the big questions surrounding a disruption in the emotional spectrum and the origins of Hal's new ring start to come into focus. The mysteries are intriguing, now that we have a few clues to fill in the blanks, and the art looks great.



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  2. This series has been a highlight from start till now for me between the Dawn of DC titles. I feel like people are way more strict with it than they are with other series currently running that come nowhere close to the quality here but that might just be that Adams is actually a good writer so naturally expectations are higher for him. Anyways, this issue specifically was very good. It had everything, actions, good character moments and cool fight scenes and well done pacing.