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Batman: The Brave And The Bold #10 Review


Written by: Karl Keschel, Delilah S. Dawson, Matt Harding, Torunn Grønbekk, Dan Watters
Art by: Karl Keschel, Serg Acuña, George Kambadais, Mike Henderson, Tom Derenick, Ricardo López Ortiz
Colors by: Msassyk, Matt Herms, Adam Guzowski, Lee Loughridge, Ricardo López Ortiz
Letters by: Steve Wands, Dave Sharpe, Troy Peteri
Cover art by: Simone Di Meo
Cover price: $7.99
Release date: February 27, 2024

Batman: The Brave And The Bold #10 presents five chapters of action, adventure, and mystery.
Is Batman: The Brave And The Bold #10 Good?

As anthologies go, it's natural to expect a mixed bag. In this case, Batman: The Brave And The Bold #10 definitely falls into the mixed-bag territory with three bangers and two shorts that feel oddly sub-par.

Batman: Mother's Day, Part 1

Bruce Wayne cultivates a new romance with Isla MacPherson, but their night out at a charity ball is interrupted when a fashion model is attacked by Man-Bat. The mystery Batman needs to solve is, "Which Man-Bat did it?" Guest-starring Maps.

Mysterious, entertaining, and chock full of intrigue. Plus, Maps adds more than a little charm as Batman sends her on a mission to check up on a fellow Gotham Academy student (Tristan Grey) as one of the Man-Bat suspects. This is a back-to-basics Batman story with a great script and excellent art.

Artemis: The Poison Within, Part 1

Artemis travels through the desert, contemplating her recent troubles. She killed Hippolyta (at Hippolyta's request) as part of a larger plan that made her a traitor to the Amazons. Now that the Trial of the Amazons is over and Artemis's betrayal is viewed as the ultimate act of obedience, what place does she have among her sister?

If you haven't read the Trial of the Amazons (Don't do it. It's terrible.), you'd have no idea what's going on or why Artemis is on a walkabout as a form of self-imposed exile. The chapter is little more than Artemis mentally journaling her feelings. Further, the artist's style shift midway through the chapter is unpleasantly noticeable.


A former Joker henchman discovers he only has weeks to live after prolonged exposure to Joker's chemical brew. Rather than go quietly, the henchman gathers weapons and gadgets from his prior jobs and assumes the mantle of the Nameless to start showing Gotham's criminals and citizens that a member of the Bat Family can be taken down if they work together... starting with Signal.

I like this story. I like the idea of henchmen choosing smarts and teamwork over gaudy showiness to succeed where their Bat Rogue bosses continually fail. Just from this first glimpse, the concept is far superior to last year's Gotham War event.

Lois Lane: The Game (Prologue)

Lois Lane finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation involving one of her reporters. The trail leads to an online forum where treasure hunts are organized, but the most generous treasure supplier may have something more nefarious in mind.

This first chapter makes sense in some ways and no sense in others. Renowned or not, the police wouldn't allow Lois Lane to rifle through a murder scene. No details are given as to how the reporter died. The final scene involving an argument over what's newsworthy comes out of left field. The art's decent enough, but this story is not constructed properly for the chapter format, and there's nothing here to grab you.

Batman: The Cheeseburger

Bruce Wayne engages in hyper-disciplined food intake and workouts when he receives a call about a disturbance at a local diner. When Batman arrives on the scene, he finds Clayface (Basil Karlo) lamenting his remorse at not being able to enjoy the taste of a simple cheeseburger. When Batman incapacitates Clayface, he rewards himself in a way that Clayface could not.

This is an energetic one-and-done story that gives new readers a perfect jumping-on point to get to know Batman and Clayface with a brutally efficient delivery. Some readers may not like Ortiz's heavily Manga-influenced art style that makes Batman look like the secret sixth member of Gatchaman, but the action and energy are well done.

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Bits and Pieces:

Batman: The Brave And The Bold #10 kicks off five new stories to add some Bat-variety into your life. Three of the five chapters are winners, so you'll mostly get your money's worth.


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  1. I really only like this series when Di Meo is the featured artist, only here for the art....