Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Wonder Woman #7 Review


Written by: Tom King
Art by: Guillem March
Colors by: Arif Prianto
Letters by: Clayton Cowles
Cover art by: Daniel Sampere, Tomeu Morey
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: March 19, 2024

Wonder Woman #7 takes a side trip to space for Wonder Woman to find a birthday present for Batman.
Is Wonder Woman #7 Good?

Tom King puts the brakes on Wonder Woman's conflict with the Sovereign to tell a side story where the Woman of Wonder and the Man of Steel visit the galaxy's biggest space mall to find a birthday present for the Dark Knight. It turns out about how you'd expect.

There's no point recapping what happened in the previous issue because Wonder Woman getting captured by the Sovereign's homemade Legion of Doom takes place after the events of this issue for some reason.

Wonder Woman and Superman visit the galaxy's biggest space mall to look for a present for the Batman who has everything. After one failed store visit after another, a run-in with a rambunctious alien eager to assault Superman with a kryptonite shard, a run-in with Mr. Mxyzptlk at a movie theater, and a mani-pedi spa stop, two-thirds of the DC Trinity decide the best gift of all is a show of affection with a row of photo booth pictures and a very large diamond (which Batman promptly donates to charity).

Does the story mean anything in the grand scheme of the series? No, not really. Through a brief conversation, we see Superman addressing Wonder Woman's current predicament before she promptly dismisses his involvement.

Do they pick a good present? All things considered, the final selection, delivery, and reception are the sweetest and best parts of the book.

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What's great about Wonder Woman #7? Again, the final selection, delivery, and reception are the sweetest and best parts of the book.

What's not so great about Wonder Woman #7? Depending on your tolerance for eye-rolling corny sitcom humor, practically everything else. Up to the final present selection, Tom King strings together one lame sitcom gag after corny dad joke after slapstick pratfall for a painfully unfunny comic.

Further and consistent with King's penchant for writing characters out of character, King presents Superman as a good-natured buffoon who sees the world through the eyes of a child. Wonder Woman humors Superman's ideas and mildly chastises him for his terrible suggestions, much like a kind but firm mother directing a sugar-fueled child to stay focused. There is no circumstance where a properly-written Superman would act this way, either while shopping or withstanding Wonder Woman's assault by the Sovereign.

How's the art? Guillem March steps in temporarily for Sampere, presumably giving the latter time to catch up on whatever comes next and fill space before DC's "big reboot" in September. March is fine. In truth and based on pure sharpness, Sampere is better, but March does an admirable job as a guest.

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Bits and Pieces:

Wonder Woman #7 takes a break from the Sovereign for a filler issue with a guest artist to send Superman and Wonder Woman birthday shopping for Batman. The gift selection is sweet, but King writes Superman like a sheepish child to Wonder Woman's sage mothering, and the sitcom-level jokes go over like a lead balloon.



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  2. Tom King is like a child who has just recently discovered a concept and his readers are tolerant parents nodding along their heads impatiently to his ramblings except where it would be adorable when it comes to a child, it is frustrating when it is an adult man writing his hundredth comic issue like this. The parts with the imps and joker candle were especially skull numbing, way past mind numbing. Superman wasn't superman for most of it except maybe with that supperman joke but that's it. Everytime Diana opens her mouth in comics these days(pick any issue) she just comes off as the most entitled smug unpleasant person in the world who is tolerating other unworthy beings in her presence. These week's titles were mostly bad sadly (Tom Taylor outdid himself this week). The last four pages after wasted time reading that cringe inducing panels are the only genuinely fine parts and this could just have been a bonus story at the end of some issue. Now this horrible cringefest is the only respite we are going to have till next issue where the awful narration comes back. Also 5.5 is wayyyyy too high. That's basically giving half of the points.

    1. lol - i was so glad the narration was gone - until i read the issue!

    2. There truly is no escape in this series sadly. Your review on Youtube was on point. As you said everytime one would think maybe they sound like themselves (which were like drops in a desert) one should remember they are in a space mall...

  3. I have enjoyed King's writing in a long time - this issue was mid, but nothing we have not seen before ...

  4. The only way this story makes sense is if you look at the issue date in the indicia: May 2024, Batman's 85th anniversary. I took it as King deciding he was going to recognize it even if DC as a whole isn't doing anything.

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