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Green Lantern #12 Comic Review

Written by: Jeremy Adams

Art by: Xermánico
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Cover art by: Xermánico
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: June 11, 2024

Green Lantern #12 puts Hal Jordan back on his heels when the Durlans swarm him with overwhelming forces, but the sudden appearance of a Sapphire light may be Jordan's salvation.

Is Green Lantern #12 Good?

When last we left Hal Jordan and his merry band of rebels in Green Lantern #11, they stormed the United Planets council to stop the council's destructive misdeeds. Sadly, the rebels found out too late that the diverse group of council members had all been replaced by shapeshifting Durlans. Meanwhile, Carol Ferris hastily decided to elope with her boyfriend, but the ceremony was interrupted at the last minute by the materialization of a Star Sapphire ring.

In Green Lantern #12, we start with Thaaros's lanterns surrounding Kyle Rayner and his allies in a lower level of the United Planets (UP) headquarters. Rayner is still disturbed by the emotional spectrum, and when the guards try to take him into custody, Rayner explodes with a light that knocks out the guards and obliterates their Lantern uniforms and rings.

In the UP council chamber, Hal Jordan and his allies desperately fight against the Durlans and their guards, but the numbers are too strong. Before long, Jordan's fellow Lanterns are captured. Jordan tries to escape to get reinforcements, but he's blocked by the Unseeing in orbit because they want to know where he got his ring and its power.

The blockade gives Thaaros's Lanterns time to catch up and batter Jordan with a hail of punches.

Suddenly, the group is blinded by Sapphire-colored light. Carol Ferris has arrived, and she's pissed. Carol scatters the Unseeing with a race car construct and blasts the attacking Lanterns back. She swoops in to support Jordan and teleports them away to Earth.

Later, Thaaros is enraged to learn Jordan got away, and more importantly, Jordan has access to an undocumented Battery. Thaaros appears in holographic form to Amanda Waller on Earth and coerces her into cooperating with his effort to capture Jordan, starting with military support for his agent en route to Earth.

The issue ends with Jordan and Carol having a tender moment in Jordan's trailer when joint UP and Earth military forces arrive to take the rogue Lantern in.

Backup Story

Guy Gardener finds himself relegated to a mailman in the bottled Czarnian city aboard Brainiac's ship. After he was captured, Brainiac implanted a chip in Guy's back that teleports him back to the bottle if he tries to escape. One day, Guy encounters the Main Man (the wrestler who looks like Lobo but definitely is NOT Lobo), who presents Guy with a plan to escape. After a Czarnian makeup job and a quick bit of deception, Guy and the Main Man get the artifact they need (and a little something extra) to deactivate the teleportation chips. To be continued in Action Comics.

What's great about Green Lantern #12? Give Jeremy Adams a wink, a nod, and a healthy tip of the hat for delivering an energetic, action-packed, and intriguing adventure story starring DC's greatest ring slinger. Jordan's fight is presented as a genuine threat to his safety, Carol's rescue is a boss entrance moment, and the cliffhanger promises more action with an unpredictable outcome.

Plus, big kudos for incorporating the over-used Amanda Waller in a way that makes sense by showing her that her position of power is not infinite.

What's not so great about Green Lantern #12? It's a minor nitpick, but the piece that doesn't make sense is Carol Ferris's move to hide out in Jordan's trailer. The smart play would have been to seek out other Lanterns or members of the Justice League. Even better, this would have been the perfect moment to invoke Tom Taylor's Titans since they're not doing anything useful or memorable right now.

What about the backup? If you enjoy seeing Guy Gardner placed in demeaning situations, this is the backup for you. Plus, Guy finds a particularly powerful/dangerous bauble in his hunt for the teleportation chip deactivator that could have big consequences in the future.

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Final Thoughts

Green Lantern #12 delivers action, energy, excitement, and adventure wrapped up in a power-packed package. Jeremy Adams is dead set on giving Jordan more trouble than he can handle, and Xermánico's art is great. If only the rest of DC's title lineup was this much fun. Even the backup is worth your time.


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