Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Joshua Williamson Quits Batman & Robin and Green Arrow!


  1. I watched your video. Kudos to Williamson for having respect for his work and integrity to realise he might have taken up too much and a s a result his writing might have been suffering and saying that, I realise it was probably putting a lot of pressure on him too and this was probably a major reason he decided to put aside some of his titles but still I mean it, I already respected him before despite not liking his writing very much sadly because I did read some interviews he has done before and also saw his approach to comics and he is professional and nice about it which made me always say that my criticisms were only for his writing. However this just made me respect him even more. I hope he can take some time off and gather his energy for better works in the future and I do hope he stays at DC regardless cause if nothing else, this honesty he has just shown is sorely needed. And I agree with other people that despite all my negative criticisms about GA and BAR, his worst work still does not damage the characters or the narrative for other writers and future unlike some other writers and they are mostly not harmful since he never writes with any malice.
    Now I just hope we don't get a worse writer for these series...

  2. I am going to miss Williamson a Damian book. He gets the character. That said, I think Duke shows that when he is focused and has a strong team, he can do great-not just good-work.

    I hope this is a good move for his development as a writer.