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Birds of Prey #11 Comic Review

  • Written by: Kelly Thompson

  • Art by: Robbi Rodriguez, Javier Pina, Gavin Guidry

  • Colors by: Jordie Bellaire

  • Letters by: Clayton Cowles

  • Cover art by: Leonardo Romero

  • Cover price: $3.99

  • Release date: July 2, 2024

Birds Of Prey #11, by DC Comics on 7/2/24, sends the team through the next pocket reskin to a prehistoric world full of dinosaurs, dangers, and surprises.

Is Birds Of Prey #11 Good?

If the description above sounds odd and confusing, go back and read issue #10. Trying to explain Kelly Thompson's convoluted tangle of a plot would take up too much space here. Let's just go with it.

When last we left the Birds of Prey (BoP) in issue #10, they evaded Maia, one of two surviving septuplets who murdered her sisters to steal their powers so she could kill Barbara Gordon as revenge for killing their criminal mother in the future, or something like that. (At DC, plots that make sense are apparently optional). All you really need to know is that Maia has the powers of a god, and she's a crazy person.

In Birds Of Prey #11, the gang lands in a world of tattered clothes, prehistoric terrain, and dinosaurs. Sinn was the first person to pass through the porta (that isn't really a portal), and she imagines dinosaurs so very hard because she didn't want the Megaera entity inside her to assert its dominance over her will.

The change gives Dinah the tipoff that the "reskin" portal can be controlled to a certain extent, which may prove useful when the next portal arrives.

The BoP heads for a nearby cave to rest, strategize, and engage in lots of mutually validating conversations that remove any sense of urgency or tension from the plot. We now know that Barda isn't opposed to eating dinosaur flesh, Vixen thinks Dinah is the best leader ever and has started to regain her connection to the Red by wanting it a lot, and Sinn hasn't made peace with her new status quo.

Meanwhile, Meridian's big idea to get the BoP out of the pocket dimension is to call on Constantine.

Unsurprisingly, he accomplishes nothing and leaves at the end of the issue to get help.

What's great about Birds Of Prey #11? The art team appears to be having a ball recasting the BoP in new variants of their costumes with each issue. It's like a comic series dedicated to dress-up paper dolls, giving McFarlane toys plenty of variant ideas.

What's not so great about Birds Of Prey #11? At this point, it's unclear why DC tapped Kelly Thompson to write this series. The plot doesn't make sense, and the characters are written woefully out of character. The plot lacks any urgency or dramatic tension, and Meridian continues to prove she's absolutely the worst time traveler in all of human history, past and future. This book is just plain dumb.

How's the Art? Rodriguez, Pina, and Guidry are certainly a step up from Leonardo Romero, but Jordie Bellaire's garish, tacky coloring is an eyesore.

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Final Thoughts

Birds Of Prey #11 is another shrugs and hugs issue that reveals a useful tidbit about Maia's portal and spends the rest of the story on hugs and validation. Thompson's script is cleaner than the last issue, and the art team is a step up compared to the first arc, but the wonky plot lacks tension, urgency, or basic common sense.


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